Learning To Think Clearly

Learning To Think Clearly is a “Process,” not an overnight Achievement.


The mind has to be trained.  In order to learn how to think clearly will take effort on your part. In fact, the quality of your thinking is what leads to the quality of your results.

At times the mind will become cluttered and filled up with a lot of static. It can feel like a television station that you’re unable to tune in to.  Your favorite program is on,  but you’re unable to tune in to it, and the static is unbearable.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to “tune in” whenever you wanted to?

“Action to be effective must be directed to clearly conceived ends.” –Jawaharlal  Nehru

10 suggestions to help you learn to think clearer:

1. Take a short walk daily.

Exercise clears your mind and opens the way to clear and creative thoughts.  In the end your mind as well as your body  will be refreshed.

2. Stay away from refined sugar.

Sugar takes you up and then drops you down just as fast.  If you want to understand what brain fog is, eat a sugary donut on an empty stomach, then watch for the outcome twenty minutes later. What you will experience, along with the “sugar blues,” is brain fog. Make sure that you eliminate sugar and simple carbohydrates when you need to think clearly.

3. Organized Working Space leads to clear thinking.

It’s rare that a person can actually work better in a mound of clutter.  Having an organized working space means you won’t have the thought “where is that…” distracting your mind.

4. Get “enough” sleep.

Sleep requirements will vary from person to person, however, the minimum for most is somewhere approximately five hours.  Some suffer if they sleep less than eight hours. The research, however, indicates that after a certain minimum quantity, the quality of sleep is more important to normal brain function.

5. Meditation.

Sometimes you just need to close your eyes, relax, and watch your breathing  for a while. Accept the fact that your mind will wander, but when it does, continually return your attention to your breathing. After about five minutes of this you’ll feel a boost in your brainpower.

6. Remove your “mind irritations.”

Beware of your busy brain.  If you have  a call that you need to make and it keeps popping into your thoughts.  Either make that call, or put it on a list, and your mind will let go of it for the present. Sometimes, just seeing a problem and saying to yourself, “There’s nothing I can do about this until Friday,” will often stop unconscious worrying.  Identify any such “stressors”, and then do something to let them go.

7. Don’t over indulge in Alcoholic Beverages.

Never over indulge in the use of alcoholic beverages.   While moderate amounts can be conducive to creative thinking, all the evidence states that it is bad for the long-term health of your brain.

8. Make decisions quickly.

Nothing gets in the way of clear thinking like a dozen decisions hanging around unmade. If nothing else, decide when you’ll make the decision.

9. Take in some fresh air.

Stop and then go outside and  breathe deeply through your nose. Not only will you get a good dose of oxygen to your brain, but the change of surroundings will help clear your mind.


10. Satisfy your physical needs.

Clear thinking is much easier to maintain if you’re not hungry, thirsty, or hot.

“Life consists of what a man is thinking about all day.” –Ralph Wald Emerson


It is possible to learn to think more clearly starting today.  A clear thought can become a great thought once partnered with a great idea.  Remember this:  In the right environment clear thinking is valued because your ideas will flow more freely, and those ideas will then stimulate even better ideas.

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