Life is Full and Full of Wonder

The Daily Meditation 12.04.2013

Life is Full and Full of Wonder

Maria Dion, RScP

mariahands-150x150.png?width=150I call upon the Infinite Source that is in back of all things.  It is all Place, all Time, in all People, and all Perfection.  I am grateful to know that God is all there is.  God is expressing itself as Transformation, as Infinite Possibility and Perfection, as Love, as Fulfillment.  It is the Source of everything in creation and is the Energy that connects everything, for there is no separation.

And as there is no separation, I know that I am unified with God in each and every moment, for the Essence of God IS each moment.  It is the sand as it pours through the hourglass, it is the hands as they move around the clock, it is the sun as it progresses through the sky and my breath as it moves in and out of my body.  The Presence of  this moment is continually unfolding and it is continually manifesting as me and as each person reading this.  Each one of us is God expressing.  We are a part of Source, and a part of all that it is — Love, Peace, Prosperity, Joy, Fulfillment and Transformation.

As I awaken this morning, I breathe this in.  I breathe in the infinite possibilities of this day.  I am still and know God.   As I open to Truth of God as Infinite Source, God rushes into each moment, into every person and into every opportunity, manifesting the love, the prosperity, the peace, the transformation and the joy that is our true essence and our birthright.  I embrace each activity and opportunity, and open to the possibilities that Spirit continually presents.  I joyfully share my gifts and am aligned with Spirit in every interaction.  I am blessed by and a blessing to all that I meet.

Life is full and full of wonder!  And I meet the GREAT FULLNESS of Life with gratitude and peace.  Gratitude begins in the heart and my heart is full of Love.  I am grateful for the Science of Mind, for the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living, and for the action of the Law upon my Words.  For I have stated this Word into the Canyon of the Law, and as a Canyon echoes back whatever is spoken into it, my Word echoes back the perfect manifestation.

And so it is! 

Maria Dion is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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  • Life is truly full of greatness.  In order to realize this it does take us being gracious and thankful which brings in Peace.  Great article.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

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