Make Money from Home Yes, Get Rich No!

Make Money from Home Yes, Get Rich No!

Every website that promotes making money from home is always promoting how rich you can become, which never pans out. I will show you ways to pay a bill or two from home.

Making money from home gets a bad rap, because many people have been burned on their quest to find ways to make money from home. Many have been misled, misguided and misinformed by slick ad copy, which plays on people’s emotions.

I have observed that most people don’t even believe that they can be rich, so I think it’s time to guide people toward avenues that will enable them to keep their lights on, or put gas in their cars, rather than sell them a dream just to make a buck off of them.

I see so many aspiring marketers struggling financially, and being taken advantage of by so-called gurus in the industry who continue to push their useless re-purposed products on people who are striving just to keep their heads above water. Let me be clear here, I don’t see the marketer as the guru’s victim because we are all adults here.

I would just like to contribute a real solution to people, and earning an extra couple hundred bucks could make a difference in someone’s household.

There are quick ways to make a few bucks online if you have certain skills, and if you are an internet marketer, you have more skills than you think you do. You probably know how to do a whole host of things that people are paying others to do right now as we speak.

Do you blog?

If so, you know how to use WordPress, and you are probably familiar with plug-ins and HTML code. You also have the ability to research and write effectively. You know how to shoot, edit and upload videos, and chances are you know how to do proper keyword research.

Do you have a Facebook, and or Twitter account?


If so, you know how to post status updates, and you know how to manage your social media accounts. You may even have a Facebook Fanpage, and if so, you may know about pay-per-click. You probably have some skill in writing persuasive ad copy.Twitter


Do you have a list?

If so, you definitely know how to use an auto responder, and you understand email marketing. You may also know how to put together an effective email marketing campaign.

So you see? You have way more gold in between those ears than you realize, and people are out there ready to pay you for your knowledge. So, you can make money from home doing what you are already doing. You can become a ghost blogger, writer, editor, proofreader, social media manager, virtual assistant, online community moderator, and the list goes on, when you get creative and use your imagination.

It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to making money. Your network marketing business should not be your only avenue because chances are you haven’t made a dime with it yet anyway. Therefore, put your skills to use, and get paid in the meantime.

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