Making Your Life Stand For Something

My passion and desires surround helping people realize that the greatest gift and product that they can contribute to the world is “themselves”.

We were all created to add different ideas to the world which causes the world to expand. To understand this expansion to the world, let’s use a dollar figure. If the world’s value was $10 and you added your talent which is valued at $.01, then the worlds value is now $10.01.

Another example would be a chair. You might believe you are nothing but a button on the chair (of course we are talking about a nice comfortable chair), but if a button is missing, the chair loses its quality and value.

We must all realize that we play a role in the world and we all make the world a better place.

So my vision is to help people rewrite the unproductive thoughts they are now living. The thoughts that have them living as a victim.

When people realize they have been programmed by society and that programming is where their beliefs have come from, they can decide whether they like the results they are getting or not.

If they like the results, then they should continue on their current path.

If they are not satisfied, then it is time to rewrite our current stories.

Different thoughts, create different stories, which create different emotions, which create different vibrations and the results have no choice but to be different.

I know some of you are instantly asking, where is action in the equation?

The action should follow aligning with the “best or better feeling” emotions. When you are aligned correctly, then and only then should you take action.


As we are aware most teach “just take action.”

Well we see the results. Most people are taking action every day. Are they happy with the results? Just a question!!!

All you must understand is, your emotions are sending out vibrations (magnets) and will attract things to you to fit your current emotional state. Unproductive thoughts (emotions) will attract and open doors to more things to feel unproductive about. If your emotions are moving you towards what you “really” want, then more doors open to get you closer to that desire.

Doors open both ways. Which direction did you open it (the entrance to your desires or the exit)?

It ain’t right. It ain’t wrong. It’s just my opinion.

Your Uplifting Life Partner

Ron Simplified Myers

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  • Thanks Sandy. You know the support is appreciated

  • Wonderful post, Ron ...really hits home.  Thank you so much for sharing it and I will too so many more will see it.

  • Appreciate the time and energy Merle. 

  • Excellent post Ron and agree with the other comments. Keep up the good work.
  • What's up Angela Valadez? Your words are well received and appreciated. Thanks for the time and sharing. You are awesome Fam 

  • Excellent and Expressive article Ron.  It is important to make our lives stand for something because we want to leave a good example and heritage to our children.  A positive attitude will in time bring about positive results as long as the right actions are being put in place.  Thanks for sharing this great wisdom with us.  Liked and shared.

  • Thanks Fam. You 2 know that I enjoy and I am honored when you show up - Terri Pattio and Carolyn Coleman-Grady. By the way, Terri, you always contribute more than two cents lol. Appreciate the both of you for sharing this and you hosting it on your blog Carolyn.

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    The bad programming first comes from our parents, and when we were children we listened to them and believed it to be right. Unfortunately some children didn't have the best parents, so therefore every individual is different in getting bad or negative programming. This is why every person must use autosuggestion to reprogram their mind with thoughts of what you want and know is right. The thoughts as you said Ron must be positive and you must not let any negative thoughts get in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind works day and night and acts upon what's inside. Excellent post my friend and I just had to throw my two cents in my comment. Much love for you brother. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

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