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"How Can Two Walk Together Unless They Be In Agreement."

Masterminding is when you surround yourself and affiliate with the right of kind of people, you enter into the gold of Shared Thinking.

"Two are Strong  
One is weak, feeble"

Because we become like those with whom we associate, it's important for us to have foundational level people in our lives.  This is because they bring out the best in us.  They cause us to have greater faith and confidence, to see things from a greater perspective.

It is truly better to be alone than to be in the wrong company. One conversation with the right person can be more valuable than many years of study. 

"I desire what is good.  Therefore, everyone who doesn't agree with me is a traitor." --King George III 

Good thinkers, especially those who are also good leaders, understand the power of shared thinking or the benefits of a Mastermind group.  They tend to know that when you value the thoughts and values of others, they receive the compounding results of shared thinking and will be able to accomplish much more than they ever could have on their own.

Six important reasons why Mastermind Thinking is so Beneficial:

1.  Mastermind Thinking is Faster than Solo Thinking

2.  Mastermind Thinking is More Innovative than Solo Thinking

3.  Mastermind Thinking Brings More Maturity than Solo Thinking

4.  Mastermind Thinking Is Stronger Than Solo Thinking

5.  Mastermind Thinking Returns Greater Value Than Solo Thinking

6.  Mastermind Thinking Is The Only Way To Have Great Thinking

You see, if you combine the thoughts which you have along with the thoughts others have, then you will come up with the thoughts you've never had!

"He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master."--Ben Johnson

"To accept good advice is but to increase on'e own ability."  --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"None of us is as smart as all of us."---Ken Blanchard

Because a Mastermind consists of two or more individuals it is important to encourage the participation of Mastermind Thinking when you have a team and are building a business.

There is power in group focused Mastermind Thinking:

"An optimist looks at a glass and says the glass is half full.
A pessimist looks at a glass and says it is half empty.
An engineer looks at a glass and says that the glass is
twice as big as it needs to be."  --SOURCE UNKNOWN

"To be able to concentrate for a considerable time is essential to difficult achievement."--Bertrand Russell

A Mastermind group consisting of the necessary shared thinking with "focus" can bring energy and power to almost any situation, whether physical or mental.

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Comment by Merle Gibbins on May 9, 2013 at 3:53pm

Great post Angela.  I am also part of a mastermind group - well a couple in fact - and they are brilliant.  Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Angela Valadez on May 9, 2013 at 12:37pm

Thanks Ced, Terri and Erel. Thanks for your comments and shares.  Appreciate you all.

Comment by Erel Blinn on May 9, 2013 at 12:28pm

Excellent PR Angela,The power of the mastermind group!

Comment by Terri Pattio on May 9, 2013 at 11:22am

Angela you know what you are talking about. Having a mastermind group and being around positive people is crucial for success in business.

Comment by Ced Reynolds on May 9, 2013 at 11:19am

Great article. I've been part of mastermind groups and they have always been very beneficial for the causes I've promoted. 

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