Abandonment is not exclusive to orphans. The lady told me so.

Children abandoned by one parent

Children of Divorces with Sole Custody

Children Living with Emotional Abandonment

Children Living with Parents Enmeshed with Addictions


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  • It is because of all these issues that many children are crossing the borders of our country right now. I am fortunate to have grown up in a stable environment where there was love, stability, and Christian control, and acceptable punishment. Unfortunately many of these children (including ones here in this country) have been abused, and they have found out that there is a a better way of life in these United States. As far as I can tell, the reason most of these issues have evolved is because the American Family as we used to know it has dissolved. We have single parents raising children who have separated, divorced or whatever, and the children are right in the middle of it all, and they are the ones that are hurt the most. The only real way to resolve this issue, is to get back to our roots, and include God as the Head of Our Household, & we must return to good old fashioned values on how to raise & train a child in the way that he should go. He may depart from it for a while, but most return to what they knew as they were a child growing up. The Bible says that if we spare the rod, we spoil the child. -James

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