MLM and Network Markting: The Power of Duplication

As MLM and network markeaters, I am sure we are aware of the doubling principle also known as the duplication process.  It is a method that we use to grow and expand our business(s).  I believe it is the fastest method that is used in the history of free enterprise.  There is nothing like the power of duplication!

Think about this.  The McDonalds, Burger Kings, Whataburger and Jack-In-The Box, just to name a few did not start with hundreds or thosands of restaurants all over the world.  They started with just one and followed plans and blueprints to duplicate other restaurants they opened.


Let's take McDonald for instance.  It is one thing to be successful in opening an outlet, but to make each outlet that has be opened a success takes a lot of something special.  That something is called, "the Magic of Duplication" says Hubert Humphrey in his book, "The Magic of Compound Recruiting."  You have to have some kind of a plan or blueprint that is easy for people to follow.  You don't necessarily have to follow these plans or blueprints to a tee in all of the outlets, but you have to be close.        Continue here...
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