MLM-- Downline Network Marketing

Do you want to build a substantial downline MLM network marketing business? It can be done!  The statistics may or may not surprise you. . .as high as 97% of network marketers fail and this is because they weren't able to establish a large enough downline. What you need to do first is understand a few very simple concepts.


1. Regardless of what your potential or existing sponsor may tell you, you do need to have some skills to make money in MLM, otherwise known as network marketing, or multi-level marketing. Many companies will market their opportunity to you as something that "sells itself" and that is simply not true. 


Even if the company that you represent or plan to represent has the best products or services in the world, you will need to get these products and services in front of a lot of people.   Continue here...
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  • This is a great presentation about MLM. Thanks for sharing.

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