MLM Leadership – Do You Influence Others?

I have heard the saying throughout my years of network marketing

that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Developing a strong

link between business and people, products and up line training systems

is a learning process and will help you with developing and cultivating

networking business and the goal of realizing your dreams and financial

security that you are in search of.




One of my favorite authors, John C, Maxwell, wrote in his book, 

Developing the Leader Within You, that leadership means to influence

others.  He says, "Everyone talks about it; few understand it.  Most people

want it; few achieve it."  This is so profound.  He defines leadership as the

ability to get followers.  Many think that having the ability to get followers

makes them great leaders or shall I say put them in a leadership position.




In network marketing, followers are what we actually want.  But, we must

keep in mind that this business of network marketing is like a volunteer fire

department or a volunteer army.  People choose to participate and they also

choose to follow you or not.  This participation depends in part on how great

of a leader you are.


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  • Very wise words Kathleen, thanks for sharing.

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    You did a great job with this post Kathleen. I am happy to share your post for more to read and learn about MLM Leadership. Make it a great day.

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