MLM Leadership - The Importance of Availability

Hello! Where are you? Are you available? These are question that some networkers are constantly asking and trying to find answers to.

We have been in MLM network marketing for many years and have observed many things, events and habits in our networking. One observation that stood out in my mind was the availability of some of my leaders.  We all know that when you are new to an opportunity, some of us need a little help from your leaders. What if leaders were not available to help get us off to a good start with our business? 

I have experienced this kind of absence from some of my leaders during my MLM marketing career. They were always busy doing other things or attending to other people on the team. Trust me. I was not one of those people that needed her hand held. I just needed a little extra expert information to help me succeed. Some of my leaders simply were not available to me. This unavailability forced me to become a student of my business and to reach out to others who had the time to give me the help that I needed.  I was that student known as the person that no one had to worry about because I was a student of my business. But, even the best of students need help with some things.
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  • Excellent post Kathleen and agree with Terri and Angela, it has happened to me many times in the past.  Thanks for sharing.

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    Excellent post Kathleen and I agree with Angela. Choose your leaders wisely. Shared your post everywhere.

  • Great information Kathleen.  So true that you can get Lost from your MLM Leadership.  They get you in, collect your money and you may never hear from them again.  Choose your leaders wisely.  Liked and Shared.

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