When most network marketers look at this title they automatically think of some sort of Tool, a new Traffic Source, a Blogging system, a new Attraction Marketing strategy, PPC marketing, Craigslist marketing etc. But at the end of the day wouldn't you want to improve your MLM recruiting? No matter what strategy is taught to you, don't you want the Secret Sauce to recruit more reps? There is Good News for you, in this blog post I'm going to reveal to you a Simple strategy to Boost your MLM Recruiting.

Wanna know what the Secret Sauce? The interesting thing is that it's NONE OF THE ABOVE, it's Simple and anyone can do it. Best of All it's FREE and if you apply this YOU WILL HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH in your business. You can do this No Matter what skill level you are, New, Veteran, etc. So are you ready?

The Secret To MLM Recruiting is LISTENING: Now many network marketers THINK that they are Great Listeners But Most Are NOT! There are 4 areas of Listening you need to apply to make this Simple strategy work.

1. Are You Thinking Of The Next Question?

This is Huge! After you ask your prospect a question and you are thinking of the next question, You are Not Listening! Why, after you ask your prospect a question and they begin to respond to you, if you are thinking of the next question, how would you understand what they are saying. Most don't realize that when your prospect answers any of your questions they could be giving you the Gold you are looking for. By listening to what they are saying first then moving onto the next question will make a Huge difference.

2. Are You Interrupting?

I love this one. Have you ever tried to speak to a person that doesn't let a Word in? All you want to do is to tell that person to SHUT UP. I love this quote " God gave us 2 Ears and 1 Mouth, use the proportionality". Understand that your prospect only cares about 1 thing, WIIFM, What's In It For Me! If you are Interrupting, first it's Rude but you really don't care what your prospect wants or what it is they are looking for. The biggest problem with Network Marketers is that they Talk To Much which will cause you to Interrupt. You will get your point across after your prospect is done speaking, remember to Listen for the Gold.

3. Are You Changing The Subject?

This is one that just annoys me. Have you ever had someone Change the subject of the conversation without asking permission? How do you know your prospect was done speaking? You are Not Listening! Before going into a different subject with your prospect or anyone, ask if it's OK to change the subject. If you are Listening to whom you are speaking with you can tell when they are done speaking, but don'e assume that they are Done. Always ask if you can change the subject and they will respect you.

4. Are You Multi-Tasking?

All I can say is that this is a Myth! If you are Multi-Tasking while you are speaking to your prospect You Are NOT Listening! The reality is that you are really Switch Tasking. Your mind can Only Focus on one thought at a time, so if you are texting someone while talking to your prospect you are shutting off your focus from your prospect to your text. I hear all the time "But I Can Walk A Chew Gum At The Same Time". And? When you open several tabs on your computer, they are all Not open at the same time. You need to Switch to each tab in order to access those pages. They same thing applies when you are trying to do 2 or more things at the same time while speaking to your prospect. Always Focus your attention to the task at hand which is your prospect. Btw, I don't believe the people that say "I'm A Natural At Multi-Tasking". These are the same people that get a lot done but everything they do is not done well.  Apply this and you will get More done and be more efficient.

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MLM Recruiting: Simple Strategy To Recruit More Reps

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