MLM Recruiting Why Recruit Leaders NOT Average

mlm recruitingI run into a lot of network marketers online and from what I see, most are taught to make a list and go after Everybody. There is nothing wrong with that strategy, as a matter of fact I know quite a few people that have built their entire organization with that strategy. Unfortunately most run out of people to talk to but have they really hit all of the people on the list? In this blog post I will go over in my MLM recruiting why recruit Leaders NOT Average.

Let me tell you a story. I reached out to a leader that I know about a Network Marketing company that I'm promoting and I showed him my opportunity. After looking at the opportunity he stated something that totally shocked me, he said " the comp plan is not built for the average ". Now because I'm not addicted to the outcome I told him "No Problem, that's your opinion". After the conversation was over I thought to myself, why would he say that?

As I stated earlier most people are taught to make a list of all of their family and friends then call all of them. The majority of that list are average people and the 2-3% that are successful aren't on the list, or if they are on the list most won't call them. Why? I believe it's the way most are taught to share their opportunity. I also believe that most are taught to hit the successful people on their list (Chicken List) but most have the Fear to call them. Let me explain why you need to recruit leaders Not average

Average Prospects

Most average prospects have very poor thinking. They make the most excuses why they haven't reached their goals (if they set any at all). They procrastinate, make decisions slow and change them quickly, they have Fear of losing anything that they have, they think everything is a scam, always looking for security from the government, don't trust the successful people and more. Yet most network marketers feel they should be prospecting these kind of people into their network marketing business.

There are many stories that have walked across stage from a person that wanted more in life and went from average to Rich. Those type of people should stick out like a soar thumb because they want a better life. They are looking to step out of average and finally live a more fa filling life.

Successful People

This list is better known as the Chicken List. They maybe on your list that are making a lot of money but most prejudge them and think they don't need the money. That is the biggest mistake anyone could every make about them. The most successful people are more open to opportunities than anyone else because they understand in order to get success you must be open to what's out in the marketplace. They make decisions fast and change it Slow, they usually take advantage of an opportunity before the average find out, because of their success they have different friends that uplift them Not bring them down, they have credit ability with their friends and family, etc. Are you getting this now? 

Watch the video below

MLM Recruiting Why Recruit Leaders NOT Average

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As stated in the video the you need to attract leaders and the only way to attract people of that caliber, you need to give them what they want. Your target market should be network marketers and they are looking for ways to get Leads, Traffic and Recruit more reps into their business. Through this community you can offer them FREE training on how to be skilled in these areas, generate them as a lead and develop a relationship with them. After they see you gave them Value they will Join you in your business and they are the best people to recruit into your business.

RECRUIT LEADERS and you will see the difference in your business and you will soon find out how Simple it is to recruit them. If you found this content Valuable please comment and share.

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