MLM Success: 3 Key Areas To Build Your Mindset

mindset image 5Have you ever wondered why in every strategy out there, there is always someone or several Network Marketers that succeed in what they do? How is it that a lot of Network Marketers struggle to do the same strategies and some don't? Without a Strong Mindset NO strategy will work unless you are taught how to improve in that area. In this blog post I'm going to reveal 3 key areas to build your mindset to be at the TOP 3%. Btw, if you read to the end and you watch the video I will have a special gift for you.

There are two great quotes that I love. These quotes are a great example how to build your mindset in order to have a successful business also in life. These two quotes below were a wake up call for me when I needed help in this area in my life not to long ago.

You Get What You Think About Most Of The Timeearl n image 1

This quote hit me like a ton of bricks. What ever you are focused on such as Lack, Frustration, Happiness, Abundance etc you will get more of into your life. Have you ever noticed the people that think negative always attract negative circumstances into their life? While at the same time those that are Happy all the time seem to attract circumstances, events and people that are the same. This quote speaks for it's self! What are you thinking about? Your mind can only hold 1 thought at a time, make sure you are thinking about what you want in your life NOT what you Don't Want in your life.

Your Brain Omits A Frequency ( Vibrations ) and It Effects Other Brainsalbert einstein image 1

The quote earlier goes together with this. If you are thinking Negative or Positive you will put out a Frequency ( Vibration ) to other brains and it will attract them to you. If you are thinking Negative you will attract people to you that are Negative and if you are thinking Positive you will attract Positive people to you. Vibration is just like a radio wave that comes off your cellular phone or television set and also receives the same waves it puts out. The difference is that your brain doesn't need other satellites to bounce off to get the signal, it puts out a vibration into the universe and effects other brains. Leaders can motivate and inspire a room of people because of their Vibration and other Vibrations all coming together as One. Which leads me into my first Key Area

Key Area #1

Your Income Is Based On Your 5 Best Friends

This is Huge! Look at your 5 best friends and ask yourself, do they have what I want or do they have what I have or less? The best way to build your mindset for MLM success is to look at who you are hanging out with. Analyze your conversations that you have with them, are they positive or are they negative? It will effect the way you Think, the way you Talk, the way you Act, etc.

Let me give you an example, you are sitting in your friends house playing cards, watching TV, having dinner, etc and they start talking about Football. One says that team Sucks, that player is in the disable list and he is getting paid a lot of money, etc and all of a sudden you get pulled into that conversation and You start talking Negative. Their Vibration is effecting your vibration and you and everyone else begin to think the same way. This is cancer for your business and your life! If you have negative friends or friends that don't have what you want you will begin to become everything like them. While have an abundance mindset and having other friends that think the same way, a Positive Mastermind is created. This will make a big difference in your life. So do you need new friends?

Key Area #2

Reading Personal Development Books

This is another huge one for me. Reading personal development books everyday builds your mindset and you begin to think positive. If you don't have positive friends personal development books are the best way to get new friends into your life. Even if there is Negative people around you, reading everyday will strengthen your mindset to either block those people or you will just push them away based on your New Vibration. Negative people Hate Positive People and you will begin to attract Positive friends into your life. Reading everyday also increases your education and your knowledge starts to increase which you begin to have a better life. All the Successful people that I know and read about read, read, and read.

Key Area #3

Turn Your Car Into A Mobile University

This absolutely Changed my life. Did you know by the time you Die, you will have spent more time in your car than any other place. So why Not turn you car into a mobile university. You should dedicate listening to 30 minutes a day of Personal Development audios in your car. This is the Best way to build your mindset because unlike reading in the beginning it can be difficult, but with audio you will have more attention. It's has a real touch as they were talking to you directly as reading takes focus to understand and apply. Once you do this everyday your focus will increase to read and to listen to more audios in your car. Instead of listening to CNN ( Constant Negative News ) why Not listen to Jim Rohn, Brian Tracey, Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, and more.

MLM Success: 3 Key Areas To Build Your Mindset

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