team motivationHave you ever built a team whether it was just 1 business partner or 10 or more, but notice that they are NOT building the business like you want them to? Ever wonder how the Leaders in the MLM (Network Marketing) industry have great teams and massive Duplication? Most people don't understand this and think it's a secret or there is a science to motivate your team and get them to Duplicate. In this blog post I will show you how to motivate your team and get Duplication in your MLM.

There are 3 steps to get your team motivated and get Duplication. You must understand that your income is based Not only on your recruits alone but how Deep your organization gets. Those that understand this make a very good living in this industry but most don't understand this and think there is some secret sauce to motivate and get Duplication. I'm going to break this down into 3 steps how to motivate your team and get Duplication, but I'm going to break it down backwards. (You will find out why I do this towards the end of this post).

3. Give your team access to a Fast Start Training

It is so important that you give your new team members access to training that is going to show them how to get cash in their pocket within their first 7-14 days and your Goal is to get them in the Black (Break Even) in 30 days or less. Although your team members should understand that MLM (Network Marketing) is a business and there is no guarantees to success, you need to get your team members into Profit immediately. If you have team members that haven't done anything whether they came in a month ago, 2 months ago, 3 months ago or more, you should give them access to a fast start training that can give them a spark to build the business. Remember they key to any MLM success is Timing! Just because your team member came in 1 month ago doesn't mean that they were ready, so you should send them the training anyway. The timing might be right!

2. Get yourself and your team to a company event

This is almost Mandatory to your MLM success that you and your team get to the company events. If you speak to ALL the leaders out there in any MLM, they owe their success to company events and getting their team there that has brought them HUGE Duplication. Understand the Leaders that bring their team to events grows the most in their MLM company. Events give you and your team access to Training, Updates and most importantly Proof that MLM (Network Marketing) is real and they can do it to. You will be amazed the different walk of life that walk across that stage for recognition. This is a must if you want to motivate your team and get Duplication.

1. You must be the example for your teams Duplication

I put this last but not least because this is THE most important step how to motivate your team and get Duplication in your MLMyou image business. I love this quote " The Speed Of The Team Is Determined By The Speed Of the Leader ". If you want your team to recruit more people, You Must recruit more people. If you want your team to use the products from the company, You Must use the products in your company. If you want your team to do more Offline Prospecting, You Must do Offline Prospecting. If you want your team to do more Online Marketing, You Must do online marketing. Are you understanding the trend here? Here is another quote, " People Don't Do What You Say, They Do What You Do ". This is so true and if you don't agree, just watch your kids if you have any. They will imitate you But will do the complete opposite of what you tell them to do. If a child has bad manors at the table, it's because their parents have bad manors. If a child curses, it's because their parents curse in front of them. But if you tell them Not to do those Bad habits, they do it anyway. The same applies with your team, if you tell them what to do but don't do it yourself they will do the complete opposite. NOTHING!

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