goal image 4With less than 3 months left of 2013, there is only 1 question you should ask yourself. Have you reached your Goals for 2013? You may have reached your Goals for this year or you may not. If not, the question is Why Not? In this blog post I'm going to explain the MLM Success Tip How to set goals for your MLM buiness.

Now I know what you're asking, shouldn't you go over this in the beginning of the year? or isn't it too late to talk about this now? Although those are very good questions the answer to that question is simply this, it's Never to late to talk about your goals. Do you realize the most successful entrepreneurs are always setting goals and modifying their goals throughout the calander year. You are no different than the successful entrepreneurs. The difference is the habits that the successful entrepreneurs set for themselves. I'm going to break down what a successful entrepreneur does to set their goals.

Yearly Goal

This is a Goal that is very common but most don't achieve it because of a number of reasons. You need to understand that there is a difference between Goals and Dreams. You set a Goal that you believe is attainable plus you must think about it ALL the time. A Dream is something that you think about Long term but you need reminders to help you think about it. Understand that this industry MLM ( Network Marketing ) is NOT a Lottery. If you want to earn $10,000 in 1 week play the Lotto and don't even think about this industry. As a matter of fact those that win the Lottery get Taxed BIG TIME and almost always go BROKE Quickly!

For example, you want to hit a certain rank in your MLM and you would like to hit it in the next 30-60 days, that's a Goal. This short term Goal has to be a Goal you truly believe you can achieve and you must Think about ALL the time. Now you want to be able to make enough income to buy a Big House with all the perkes like a swimming pool, movie room etc etc. That's a Dream because it's Long term. A Dream book can help you focus on that and you want to look at it at least once per month. The most successful people on planet earth Dream build and the closer they get to their Dream the Faster they believe they can get it.

Daily Goal

This is Huge! Having a Yearly Goal is great but most fail at it because most are Not thinking about it all the time. As a matter of factgoal image 3 most of the yearly goals are more like Dreams. Setting Daily goals is important because it forces you to focus on those particular goals that you made for the day. It puts you in the habit to achieve those goals which will help achieve the yearly goals.

For example, my goal today will be create content ( which you are reading now ), make a video, search for a good keyword for the content and video created then syndicate it. As I'm completing my task ( goals set for the day ), I'm checking each goal off my book. This makes anyone Feel Great and it forces you to focus on that goal and to Complete it. Do you realize what that does to your confidence when you check everything off your Daily Goal list? After 60-90 days of doing this you will develop a Habit to complete your goals and will motivate you to complete your Yearly Goals. It will also force you to change the Goals if you Feel they are Not attainable. Successful people are successful because of the Habits they set in place, now it's your turn.


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  • Thanks for sharing these tips, George.  It's a good time of year to reevaluate our goals.

  • Excellent post George, thanks for those great tips.

  • Nice tips to get more out of your mlm business. Setting goals and focus on the business is the key to success.

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    Very good indeed George. Your post is on point and I'm happy to share it on the Syndication Fan page and tweeted too. Keep up the great posts.

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