conversion rate imageHave you ever wondered how to get more conversions with your product sales or training? There is a strategy that is used but no one ever pays attention to it because most don't realize it's being done. That strategy is how to use stories to increase your conversions in your MLM ( Network Marketing ) business. Now I'm not talking about stories that you read to put your children to bed, I'm talking about stories that get prospects to understand.

It doesn't matter whether you are in direct sales selling products, trying to deliver a message through a conference call or training your team, this strategy works. Let's start with an example, some people google a keyword like " lose weight fast ", what you are going to see are websites promoting products and some promoting products through an article. What you will most likely see is nothing different, a company demonstrating the product, benefits and a testimonial. Then if you start to scroll down you will find websites (blogs) that promote the product through articles that people write explaining the benefits and maybe through a testimonial how it helped them. This strategy works but it doesn't touch your prospects Heart.

Now you switch gears and you run into a website or you are introduced to a MLM (Network Marketing) company that offers weight loss products. The information on the website could have text with information about the product but most will have a video on the website. Usually the video will be a full presentation or a short version to peek your interest. What you may not realize is that the video or even if you are invited to a webinar, they are set up the same way. They start out with an introduction of the speaker, then their story, then the product, then the compensation program and by the time you reach this point you have reached a decision. Understand the part when I said, then their story, people get emotional to a story Not a testimonial. Another great example is that show the "Biggest Loser", these people decide that they have to make changes in their life in order to live a longer life. They get onto the show and show their Blood, Sweat and Tears on the journey to lose 150+ pounds in a year. If they promoted a product at the end of that show, do you think people would buy it? Absolutely Yes, no matter what the price was people connect to stories Not testimonials. I will explain why at the end of this post.

The same applies if you are doing a conference call or training for your team. If you want your point to come across to your business story 2audience you need to tell a story so that they can understand what you are talking about. You can say popular quotes all day but it's a story that touches the persons heart so that they understand what you are talking about. Let me give you an example, I was conducting a team call early this week with my team and I was discussing the importance of your Why. I explained that most people would get rid of their excuses by just having a Strong Why, if you have more excuses then your Why isn't strong enough. Understand that's not enough for people to grasp, they are listening to the words but it sounds like the same thing they hear from everyone else out there.

I told a story that I got from Darren Hardy from Success Magazine how if there were two tall buildings and you were on top of one overlooking the other one, then you were asked to walk over a wooden bridge and if you did you would get $20.00. Most people would say "NO WAY NOT FOR $20.00, NOT FOR A MILLION BUCKS". As they look down 20-30 stories down the people look like ants and the cars look like toy cars. Most think if they cross the wooden bridge and slip they can fall and die. Now what if you were on top of one building looking over the other one and it was on fire, but it had your child in that building? 99% of the parents I know would go over the wooden bridge and save their child $20.00 or a Million Dollars or Not. So what changed from going to the next building for $20.00 and going over it for your child? Your WHY! Now because of that story the people on that call understood and got the point.

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Understand that people purchase products that they are looking for by Emotion. Somehow they have a need, they search for it, then they buy from the person that has touched them emotionally Not just by testimonials. Today testimonials are No longer enough to get people to buy. Next they justify their purchase with Logic. After buying the product they have to explain why they paid for that particular product with Facts. By now you should understand how to use stories to increase your conversions in your MLM (Network Marketing) business and/or training.

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  • Learned something new George, great analogy to support this selling technique. Sending this to twitter. 

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