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business man watchI know there are  a lot of Network Marketers out there that would give anything to squeeze at least 20 minutes a day to build their business. Have you ever tried to spend time to build your business but every time to try to schedule time something else comes up? Many people are in this same situation which inspired me to write a blog post about this subject. In this blog post I will give MLM Success Tips how to find more time to build your business.

What Do Some Network Marketers Say About Time

The most common excuse I hear is that they don't have the time to build their business. I hear some say, "I have 2 jobs", "After I get home I have to work with my children", "I'm a single parent", "I have to get up early for work the next day, so I can't stay up late", "I work 12 hour shifts everyday", etc etc etc. These people feel the Time is their Enemy, so Is Time Your Enemy? 

Let me give you an example, most home based business owners say they don't have the time but when they really want to buy something they FIND the TIME. Let say a person wants to purchase a vehicle ( in most cases purchase something they can't afford ) and from my experience typically I have to wait about 4 hours until I can leave with my car. So while most say they don't have the time to breathe, those same people will find the time to get into debt and waste 4 hours of unproductive time at a dealership. So do you have the time to build your business? Let me show you

In The Morning

While most people that are struggling to find the time to build their business while they are new, what are you doing on the way to work? Most people are listening to the Negative News or Music that doesn't make a difference in your life or that day. The typical commute for most employees into work are from 20-45 minutes. Why not use that time to listen to personal development on the way into your J.O.B? In order to build your business successfully you need at least 30 minutes a day of personal development. If you don't have any personal development to listen to in the morning or anytime, you should get this information from the Absolute Best in the industry. You can grab this information from this source Click Here

While You Are At Lunch Break

Most people take this time to eat either a big lunch, walk to a local mall to get food, watch YouTube video's or music, talk to co-workers about negative things, etc. Why not take the time while you are at lunch break and call some prospects to introduce them them to your business? Instead of kicking back and eating a 12" hero, potato chips and a soda, cut it back to a 6" hero and water so that you can get an extra 10-15 minutes to call prospects.

What To Do On Your Way Home Or To A Second Job

Most people commute time from to their J.O.B. to their home or second J.O.B. is usually from 45-60 minutes. What most will dobusiness women bluetooth again is listen to the negative news or music. Why not use that time to call your Mentor an some prospects about your business? Let your Bluetooth become your best friend because it will save you TIME! Instead of waiting until you get home and it will be too late to call your prospects, call them while you are on your way home or going to your second J.O.B.

What To Do Before Going To Bed

Most people turn on the Automatic Income Reducer ( T.V.) and waste a good 30 minutes watching the late night show. Did that show bring you Value? If not use that time to send messages to potential prospects, read a personal development book for 15 minutes before bed. You can listen to personal development training before bed. Check this source for the best personal development training Click Here If there is unfinished marketing tasks, FINISH IT! So many won't sacrifice their sleep to build a strong residual income. If Sleep is too important to you "You Don't Want This Bad Enough"

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I love this Quote " The Meaning Of Commitment Is Doing The Thing You Should Be Doing Even If You Don't Feel Like Doing It "

Another great Quote " Unsuccessful People Base Their Decisions Based On their Circumstances, Successful People Base Their Decisions Based On Their Goals "

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