MLM TIPS: Is Offline Marketing Dead and Old School?

offline marketing imageThis is a topic that gets thrown away because most feel that this strategy doesn't work anymore. Most Network Marketers feel that if you are NOT online you have NO business PERIOD! Although that may be TRUE to a certain degree, Offline marketing can be very powerful if it's done correctly. In this blog post you will understand how Offline marketing can help your business Grow.

A lot of people search the topic: Work from home, make money online, home based business, online business etc etc. The reality is that every walk of life is coming into this Awesome industry called Network Marketing. You get a lot of people that come with a lot of talent and you have some that come in that have NO CLUE what to do. Every age group from 18 to 65 and older are joining this industry but what's interesting is that everyone is taught to market to masses ONLINE. While there is nothing wrong with that many of these age groups don't feel comfortable looking for prospects ONLINE.

If you have a prospect or even a team member that comes into your business but feels very uncomfortable using the computer, it's going to very difficult to teach them to market Online. Now I know you've probably heard that "you must become uncomfortable in order to be comfortable later". This quote is true but there are some, if not a lot of people that can't even understand how to open their email on their computer. These same people are told to market Online on places like FaceBook, Twitter etc etc.

The reality is that these people that have Zero computer skills that feel that they are stuck and just need to give up Network Marketing. Imagine this, what if there was No YouTube, what is there was NO FaceBook, What if there was NO Twitter etc etc?. Did you know millions were made in Network Marketing before the internet? So why are so many are forced to market on the internet? I could ONLY think of one reason, because you can reach thousands and thousands of people much faster with a click of a mouse.

So if you are one of these people that are NOT computer friendly or are just learning how to leverage the internet, Don't give up hope yet. There is Offline marketing out there and it's ALL around you and ANYBODY can do it. Now I'm not talking about the 3-foot rule or go up to complete strangers and compliment their hair or car then ask them "Do you keep your options open when it comes to making additional money?". That's NOT DUPLICATABLE! There are 3 ways you can use Offline Marketing effectively.

1. Join the BNI ( Business Networking International )

This is a business group that is most likely in your area that is put together by entrepreneurs like yourself. The purpose of these meetings is for you to meet others, share business ideas and find local business partners. I actually did this for quite some time and was introduced to the best personal development programs I ever listened to. I also met a lot of great people that I still keep in contact with. Most people come to these groups to learn and also to trade business cards. You never know who you will meet at these events.

2. Join

This is an Online website that gives you groups of meetings in your area for whatever you are looking for. For Network Marketingmeeting image try to stick with generic training groups in your area, join them, accept the invitation and GO. You can also conduct a local meeting yourself and leverage to get prospects to you. Great tool to use to get local people to you.

3. Flyers

Last but not least Flyers. Now I'm not talking about any flyer promoting your product and or services, I'm talking about a flyer that explains who you are looking for and a phone or email to contact you for more information. I found that flyers that offer products and/or services don't work but when you have a flyer indicating who and what you are looking for you get better people. For example: Your flyer should say: New E-Commerce business expanding in the Queens New York area. We are looking for people that are entrepreneurial minded, people that think outside of the box and that are open to to an opportunity. Contact George @

This will give you more local leads than you can think of. Now I know I gave you online sources to get to these events but if you lighten up a little you can use Online to bring you Offline prospects. Remember everybody is different so don't throw Offline marketing out the door, embrace it as Leaders utilize Both.

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