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MLM Training - Personal Development Is A Must!

MLM Training - Personal Development Is A Must!

Work on you more than you work on your business.

Great words to live by for business owners. The words above came from one of my mentors.

When I first got started online, I wasn't the person I am today.

I was a scattered, unfocused person and a big time multi-tasker. No kidding. I was a mess what I finally realize after failing so many times in network marketing. I had to stop it. I had to stop procrastinating and being a multi-tasker. 

I was trying to do so many things and not completing anything. This was not a good thing and it showed because I was not experiencing any success.

What changed? I read "Think and Grow Rich" in a master mind group. We would read a chapter each week and then write down what we got from each chapter. This was good for me and helped me to become the person I am today.


I had to go through this process of Personal Development because I needed to work on me before my success would happen.

This is why I said at the beginning "Work on you more then you work on your business."


I got to tell you that it took almost two years to get myself in order. I had to do it because I was reprogramming my mind. You know the bad stuff that gets inside your subconscious mind from your friends, family and the negativity in the world. In order to be a better person you must cleanse your mind.  I am so happy that I made the decision to work on me and this is why people contact me. I'm a magnet and this is why I am blessed to bless others.

Who do I thank for everything I have?


I have accomplished so much. I am thankful and grateful to God.

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Respectfully Yours,

Terri Pattio

MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart

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"Work on YOU more than YOU work on your business."

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  • This is a really great post and I liked how you shared your experience with being a multi-tasker and learning to reprogram your mind. I agree with working more on ourselves with personal development. Thanks for the useful information. Have a wonderful day.

  • I agree Terri, we must always be striving to improve ourselves and while we think multi-tasking is a good thing - it actually spreads us too thin...

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    Wow Terri this is so cool, I totally agree we got to cleanse our mind, set in in motion. thanks for sharing your story girl. God bless. 

  • Yes, agree Terri, in fact reading an e-book right now called "Think and Grow Rich" personal development goes hand in hand with so many facets of our lives, thanks enjoyed your post!

  • Great advice Terri,I'm always to find ways to improve myself personally I agree we need to work on ourselves first.

  • Congrats Terri for being member of the day, you really do deserve it.  I can so relate to your post as I have been in that same situation but have learnt from my mistakes and now since I started branding me I have had a couple of multi millionaires request my friendship on Facebook.  I feel really honoured for that. 

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