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Quick cash = quick crash.

Normal people can't sleep at night when they have ripped off people and stolen their dreams. You have to get this understanding.

Network marketing is a business that can pay you and your children and your children's children for the rest of their lives - when you build it with a "5 Pillars" company. For details on a "5 Pillars" company, CLICK HERE and learn what the "5 Pillars To Success" are.

But so many people get sucked in to "build it fast." People get all excited about this. Let me illustrate by using a binary compensation plan. Example: "Oh, they will put me in a spot where I've already got 700 people down one leg."

Good. How much money are you making?

"Well ... none, yet!"

And that is because they don't pay anything on the strong leg. They pay it on the weak leg ... which no one will ever give you. You have to build that one. But they'll promise you all those people on your strong leg, because it doesn't cost them anything, and many people will just sign up because they don't know any better.

Don't fall for the scams. Build for the long-term. You want to make residual income so that your retirement is GUARANTEED!

I recommend that you go to my site and get my FREE >>network marketing ebook<< plus skills and training too.

Terri Pattio (MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart

"Listen, Live and Learn in the now"

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  •  I love this article!! You know people that follow their hearts, they find success in MLM's... and those that jump on the quick cash, the find themselves holding the bill at the end of the day. Can't wait to share!

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