Multi-Level-Marketing Benefits

Multi-Level-Marketing also known as MLM,  involves selling a company’s product directly to the consumer by way of networking.

Multi Level Marketing Benefits


Wikipedia “Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.”

One of the Benefits of Multi Level Marketing is the more time, effort and commitment you put into your business will reflect the amount of money you will make.

“Some people have a lot of time, but no money–
It’s because they don’t work hard enough.
Some people have a lot of money, but no time–
It’s because they don’t work smart enough.
The most successful people have both.” –Bob Sharpe

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Another benefit of MLM include networking, flexible timing and convenience.

The convenience of shopping is another strong feature of MLM. Generally, MLM usually supports online shopping.  There are certain times when you may reach out to other networkers in different arenas, such as homes, workplace or events.

Networking is the backbone and the soul of MLM. Word of mouth and trust play major roles in the success of MLM.

“People are not interested in your product or your business; they are interested in solving their own problems.” –James Dillehay

There’s nothing quite like the flexibility of working for yourself. A MLM distributor can work for as long as he or she wishes to. Therefore, the time, money and efforts to be invested in MLM is totally your choice. You may pursue it full-time or part-time permits.

Along with the convenience of flexible timings, MLM distributors generally work from home. They don’t have to show up in the office daily and they can work the hours that fit around other important things in their life.

The Start up capital is usually very small as a MLM distributor. Therefore, you run little financial risk. But, do measure the risk-return ratio before venturing into any MLM business opportunity.

A major “Benefit” of Multi Level Marketing is Multiple Streams of Revenue with:

1.  Like Minded People
2.  Perpetual Build
3.  Join Other Income Streams of Revenue
4.  Team Build

It’s all about not only you being successful, but everyone on the Team being successful.  Be sure to Enter the Matrix button for more information.

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Multi Level Marketing Benefits

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  • This quote is so true and sums it all up. "People are not interested in your product or your business; they are interested in solving their own problems.” –James Dillehay  Thanks so much for sharing.

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    Very good explanation and definition about MLM. I believe it is a wonderful industry and residual income can be earned when people take time to get education, skills and training. I am happy to share your post to the various social sites.

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