My Experience as an Entrepreneur’s Wife

Hello, my name is Nicole Purdum and I’m married to an entrepreneur.

3818717269?profile=originalIt’s a simple statement on the surface but if you take a minute to peel back the layers, you will find there is so much more.

For the past decade my husband has devoted much of his time blazing his own trail of work not wanting to be suppressed by the demands of a job or a boss.

Maybe your husband or wife is the same?

The entrepreneur looks something like this: In addition to not wanting to be stuck “working for the man,” they have incredible creativity, amazing ideas, a rose colored outlook on their future, a strong drive, and most of all are a risk taker.

The will sacrifice cars, the house, even the family dog if it means they have the opportunity to accomplish their dreams and goals.

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  • So true.  Thanks for sharing this information for others to become more aware of what it really takes.  Liked and Shared.

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