My first Idol And What Friendship Means To Me


     Growing up I was close with my grandmother, my mother's mother. She was like my idol. I wanted to be with her all the time. I took up sewing because I wanted to be like her. I was the only one she shared with that she had pictures of her playing basketball and she was a cheerleader when she was in school. After she died all the pictures she shared with me are no longer found so the family thinks i'm just making it up. I was her only granddaughter. My
mother could not understand why I wanted to be with my grandmother all the time. My grandmother would tell me go play with the kids outside and I would tell her no I wanted to hangout with her. I used to love to watch her cook or sew. I remember watching soaps like all my children,one life to live and general hospital with her when they were on just 30 mins a day. I stopped watching them after she had passed away. I just could not get into them any
more. It's like part of me died with her. I named my daughter after one of my great grandmother's named Emily. My grandmother's name was Emma. My daughter is tall and skinny like my grandmother so my older brother would get her to do things the way my grandmother would because she looked so much like her and he would call her little Emma.
The fist time she met my daughter and my youngest son was at the dallas airport. We were going to Corpus Christi from San Diego so we had to switch planes. Well my older brother took my grandmother there to meet up with us to see my kids and at that time my grandmother had one and half legs so she was in a wheelchair. Diabetes was killing
her slowly. Anyways as we were walking to the other side my youngest son Ryan told my grandmother to get up and walk so we could get to the other side faster. She thought that was the funniest thing. I loved helping my grandmother and her friends when I was young. Even my half brother I would help his grandmother and her friends in the garden or whatever they needed when I was young. As an Adult I had elderly friends who turned out to be more
like sisters to me then friends. My roommate and I took care of them anytime they needed anything or just do things for them like you would your family.

To me I think that is how we should be towards anyone if we claim to be christians we should go out of our way for anyone in need. I know a guy who has infections in his legs because he is a diabetic so I sent him some nerve health support by the sea to help get rid of the infections. I don't like to see anyone suffer in anyway. I like to feed the homeless, help the elderly, I love being around babies and young kids.

My roommate and I used to live in the same aparts complex with one of the elderly ladies she was our apt manager. Her sister would come over and they would argue and talk mean to each other. It used to crack us up how they were. But they could not stand to be away from each other to long. My apt manager she was sick with something and her meds made her mean at times. We would hear her sister tell her if you don't hush I'll hit you with my cane. HAHA
That's when we would come by and check on them to help out if needed.

I like this song from sister act

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Have you ever watched people and see their hurting with anything and wish you could help them? I feel bad when I
can't help anyone. Trust me when I can help anyone regardless if it's money,food,health I will go out of my way
to do whatever I can for others. It's in my heart to have that compassion for others. The desire to say hey let me
help you with that please.

When I'm able to I would love to go to walmart or any store and just pay someone elses food or whatever they have
in the basket.

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Thank you and God Bless

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