Myths About Internet Marketing

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Here is a picture of one of the products I sell. Go to electrics. Then select the phone section.

Myths about internet marketing

#1. It starts with a well defined product/service.

If your marketing isn't targeted strong enough to attract potential customers, your website is no good.

Content is more important than design. Why? The design might get them there but, if you don't grab the readers attention, do you think they'll stay? Your content must be useful and beneficial.

#2. More traffic translates into increased profits.

Just because you get more traffic,if they don't do business what good is the traffic. Can your targeted market see the benefits of your products/service?

#3. Do whatever it takes to build your list.

The quality of your list has more value to you than quantity. This goes for building your downline, selling a product/service.

#4. Killer copy is the secret to sales.

With Hype driven information relating to product/service, you won't build trust and confidence. What are you if you come across as unprofessional.

#5. Just follow the winning formula and you'll get rich.

The same professional principle applies to marketing on the internet, as in the days gone by. Having people trust  you is vital. You need to build long term trust. It takes work and dicipline.

#6. Email marketing is dead.

It is far from it. It's gone mobile.

#7. All traffic is good traffic.

If the traffic isn't greared toward your product/service it is not good.

#8. Article marketing isn't as effective as in the past.

Article marketing is only as good as the quality of content. Quality content is beneficial in any form of marketing.

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  • Betty, this blog offers great information.  Especially those new to network marketing could really benefit from it.  I'll share it. 

  • Excellent article Betty on the Myths of Internet Marketing.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

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