Network Marketing - Do You Have A Game Plan?

All of us want to prosper in our business.  Before that can happen, we must have a game plan, a plan that helps you to win, and win big.  We  must make a decision on what we want and how we plan to get it.  This involves setting goals and being committed to following through on the goal we have set for ourselves.

The military never go into battle without a plan.  Coaches don't send players into a game without clearly outlined plays.  Chefs don't begin preparations for a great meal without checking ingredients and recipes.  Contractors don't begin construction of their building without blueprints.  And you can't start down the road of success without 
a plan either.

I believe that we are what we are and where we are because of countless choices that we have made during our lifetime.  Each choice has an influence, however slight, upon your path in life.  You can choose to be cheerful, or you can choose to be sad.  You can 
choose to be rude or you can choose to be courteous.  You can choose to love your neighbor or you can choose to hate your neighbor.  And you can choose to prosper 
or  you can choose to be broke.   

Some get involved in network marketing and just seem to play at it.  They say they want to make big money, yet they treat their business as if it is a hobby, something 
that they can do in their spare time.  Why is this?  It is because they do not have a plan, and so there are no goal and nothing to commit to.  I call this haphazardly building a business.  What do you csll it?


Do yourself a favor.  If you have not done so already, develop 
a game plan.  Decide what you want and how you are going to get 
it done.  Commit to that plan and stick with it.  Develop a 
burning desire to prosper and then live the life you were 
meant to live.  But do these things only if you want to win big.

To your success,

Kathleen Ayers

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  • Great post Kathleen and agree too many people work it as a hobby and expect to get paid.  And yes you must have a plan and take action.

  • Top Member

    I agree Kathleen that having a game plan and taking action is a must. Nice post and happily shared it for you.

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