Network Marketing – Strive for Excellence!

It has been my experience that it is much easier to 
teach people who are eager to learn than those who 
are not so eager.  People who strive for excellence 
are more likely to bet on people who also strive for 
excellence as well and not those who are second-rate 
performers.  Someone once said that average is the best 
of the worst and worst of the best.  So, as you fashion 
a stronger, more successful business, keep three points 
in mind.

First, strive for excellence in everything you do.  
See the wisdom in the old saying, “If something is 
worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”  All work is 
important and should be performed in the best manner 
possible.  Just remember that you will make more money 
when you are an excellent performer.  On top of that, 
you will enjoy more satisfaction which is the source 
of the real wealth you seek.


Second, detest thinking average.  Thinking average 
will never help you realize your dreams.  No kid 
likes to say, “My dad is an average dad or my mom 
is an average mom.”  Taking it a step further, no 
boss wants to tell his superior, “Don or Judy is 
an average salesperson,” and no one will ever brag 
about you if you look, think, talk, and act as an 
average person does.     Continue here...

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