Networking Without Being Fake: Follow These 8 Tips

I have attended many MLM marketing events where there were a lot of networking going on. Some people in the industry were clueless when it came to networking.  It was a constant pitch about their businesses and why I should be on their team.  If I looked as though I was not interested, they did not have time for me. They were not interested in connecting and maybe finding out who I was as a person and what my business was about or just to know if I had business.  Who knew?  Maybe I knew someone that would have been a good fit for what they were promoting.

As business entrepreneurs, whether online or offline, we need to revisit some good old fashioned "Face-to-face" type networking where it was not unusual to find people "Schmoozing" or "Rubbing elbows" with other entrepreneurs while building and establishing a rapport with one another.  But, we need to be empowred with some basics on how to do this kind of networking without looking like we are faking it.

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  • Was checking out "Networking Without Being Fake: Follow These 8 Tips" on Syndication Express:Thanks Kathleen.

  • This was an important lesson in Networking.  Thanks, Kathleen.

  • Nice post about network marketing being a people's face to face business. Interaction and connecting is the key to become a good network marketer.

  • Great tips there Kathleen, thanks for sharing.

  • Ya that's the hardest thing to learn! Why most people fail! ! Shattering all over for you
  • Top Member

    Networking means relationship, and this involves communication. When you listen with the intent to get to know someone. You will know if they are the right people for your team. Great video and have a great week.

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