Never Allow Yourself To Lose Sight on Humanity

Humanity – The fact or Quality of being Human.

Being human means that we have flaws.  Some can be corrected, and then there’s those that the individual may not want to correct.  It has become a habit.  Some habits are hard to break, but need to be broken.

There are 2 lessons inside today’s video that can dramatically help your home business!

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Never Allow Yourself To Lose Faith In Humanity


There are some very good leaders out there with a word in season for your business.  There are several who do have a tendency to use curse words.  We will not name names, and they do it sometimes in jest, sometimes because of habit, but the fact is, they do it.

Don’t shut yourself off to learning from a person who is successful because they say a curse word.  I do not condone curse words, but if the person has information that you need in order to succeed, Listen to them.  Clean out your ears later.  You are shooting yourself in the foot, if you totally block them out.

Thinking wrong, believing wrong and confessing wrong always leads to an unhappy, mediocre and uncomfortable life.  Sometimes you have to agree to disagree.

The successful person is the one who will do what the average person will not do.  Average is no more than being at the top of the bottom.

Humanity is evolving, and not always for the better.  Let us do the right thing and go out there and make it better, without the curse words.

Your growth potential, return on your investment, will reward you in the proportion of your efforts.  Your personal independence is limited only by your vision, desire and actions.  This alone has already made you above average.

Always remember this:  Being a servant won’t make you famous–JUST RICH.

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