If you are struggling writing emails or email follow ups? I have a few ideas on how to find inspiration and content for unlimited marketing emails... written on ANY keyword, for ANY subject, and in ANY niche.

Here's how...

First, head on overe to a little website I like to call GOOGLE. (If you haven't hear of it, you can find it at www.google.com).

Then, simply type in "site:getresponse.com + archive KEYWORD" (KEYWORD isn't actually what you'll be typing. Instead you should type the keyword you want to write about. Duh).

Once you have run your Google search, you'll wind up with a bunch of email broadcasts from others in your field or niche who you can read and borrow ideas from. 

Basically, you are searching the publically available getresponse.com email archives. The same can be done with other email services like aweber.com or mailchimp.com.

You can both spy on and become inspired by your competition this way.