New Beginnings: Escaping The Cocoon

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

A butterfly is not more caterpillar or a better or improved caterpillar; a butterfly is a different creature.New Beginnings: Escaping the Cocoon

In order to become a butterfly you leave the caterpillar stage behind you, therefore in life, you must leave your old circumstances behind you and concentrate on creating new beginnings.

This means leaving your old comfort zone.  The comfort and security of the old cocoon and entertaining new challenges and uncertainties in a free environment.  The natural self will want to leave these new beginnings and return to the old self of the cocoon because it felt safe there.  Why?  Because this new

place is vast, while the cocoon was snug fitting and secure.New Beginnings: Escaping the Cocoon


At the first sign of adversity, you’ll want to retreat, however the butterfly will never be able to return to the cocoon.  The second it fought the struggle of being released from the cocoon, it was committed to a new beginning.  A new type of existence.  Now the butterfly must decide who and what it is.

New Beginning as a Worker or a Professional?

Workers“wait” for someone to tell them what to do and how to dot it while letting others worry about whether the way they’re told to do a thing is right or wrong.

Professionals “take responsibility for their own success” as well as the success of their organizations and are willing to take intelligent risks.  Willing to set high standards for themselves.

To begin your new beginnings and follow your vision to success, you must leave the cocoon and make a clean break with the past while setting your face towards the future.  There’s no looking back.

“Success is seldom achieved by people who contemplate the possibility of failure.”  -William Feather

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  • I agree with you Bessie.  Thank you for commenting.  Have a great evening.

  • Interesting analogy Angela.  And you are right the cocoon does make us feel all snugly and safe.  You know, I could really enjoy cocooning after a long stressful business day.  I could even enjoy it all weekend, just because.  Thank you for the PR.  Sharing.

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