New Seasons Of Increase

New Seasons Of Increase

There was a young man named Tyler, He grew up poor in New Orleans. He discribed it as scarred by abuse. He ran away to Atlanta. Where he lived homeless on the streets. It was a hard life. he has called his first twenty-eight years unhappy and miserable.

It is easy to get stuck in a rut like Tyler did. You don't expect anything. You don't grow. You don't press forward. That's when negative thoughts come telling us that we've reached our limits and that we will never accomplis our goals. It's all down hill from here.

Don't ever believe those lies! God is a God of increase, not decrease. He never wants us to go backwards; only forward. It is true that Job said "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away".

You have to believe, as Tylor does now, That no matter what comes against you, no matter how unfair it was, things are shifting in your favor. Tylor says the one thing that kept him grounded was his faith. Every setback is simply a setup for a comback. God not only wants to bring you out, He also wants to bring you out better then you were before.

Tylor Perry's season started when he kept a journal. He wrote about his feelings and his frustrations. His stories launched his career as a writer and producer of plays,movies and books.

You may be facing a sickness today.

That sickness will not defeat you. I believe this is your season for healing in your body. The Lord places things in your path for a reason. You been praying for healing? Have you been asking the Lord for better things to come into your life for healing or financial freedom? Get out of debt? Plexus products can help you in many ways.

Making Plexus Slim your business can change your life for the better. Im always asked what products can help me with my arthritis? How can it help with ADHD? What products help with fibromyalgia? How can it help for thyroid disease?

The slim works for weight loss,thyroid disease and ADHD

The slim,bio clease,probio5 work great for many sickness and diseases like arthritis diseases,fibromyalgia,chronic pain,Lupus,lymes disease and more

I take the nerve health support and the health nerve support by the sea, so I take one each day and night. When it's colder out I end up taking two sometimes. I take one slim a day.

The one thing is once you try it I would start by one each in the morning and one at night except the slim, that is good for one a day. If your still hurting start taking two morning and at night and see the difference that way. That's the difference I see in the testimonies. Ambassador # 139204

Thank you for reading and God Bless

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  • Thank you Angela, for reading and comments, have a bless week

  • Excellent post DeAnn.  Tyler Perry is a great example of not losing hope and enjoying Seasons of Increase. So true, that God is a God of Increase.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

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