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Nightmare In Hamden — The Untold Story of Kato and Kleo

Nightmare In Hamden CT  

The Untold Story of Kato and Kleo


Around 6 pm that day in October 2012, Kim Miller of Hamden, CT, was working in her yard when somebody – whoever was it, she never saw – opened the gate to her yard while she was busy in work. Her two Rottweilers – Kato, a 2-year-old male, and Kleo, a 1-year-old female – ran outside. Catching a glimpse of them getting out of the yard, Miller ran after them to bring them back. She was about half a minute behind the dogs and when she arrived at the scene of the incident – the front yard of a neighbor’s house almost 300 feet from her own – she saw a woman in her late forties hitting and kicking the dogs. As an eye witnesses later confirmed to the owner, the woman had run downstairs from the second story of her house to attack the dogs after her granddaughter, age 6, got scared of the sight of dogs coming toward her yard. There has been no evidence the dogs attacked her and no proof that the dogs meant to attack her prior to her attack on the dogs. The girl, like many children do, got scared at the sight of dogs running toward her yard and ran inside the first floor neighbor’s house with a scream. That is when Cynthia Reed, the child’s grandmother, came running down the stairs with something in her hand and started hitting the dogs as well as kicking them. Finding themselves under attack, the dogs reacted and bit her in self-defense. The scene immediately caught attention from neighbors.

While Miller arrived and ran to get her dogs, she was preceded by two guys who attacked the dogs – one with a baseball bat who kept hitting the dogs repeatedly while the other pulled over his car such that the dogs were trapped within a circle and had little way to escape. The guys beat the dogs with such force that they barked and whimpered in pain while the owner held a freighted and unsteady Reed to support her. Miller kept begging aloud to the guy with the baseball bat to stop hitting the male dog as the female dog had slipped away, finding a little space in the scene. Finally, the guy with the bat stopped after several cries from Miller begged him not to hurt the dog. When she got the dogs home, they were still shivering and whimpering, crouched in a corner from the trauma inflicted on them at Reed’s yard. Kato was brutally beaten and needed urgent medical treatment.

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Comment by Michelle Dussault on July 28, 2017 at 10:37am

I understand what your saying also, But I feel if the dogs were in their own yard they were of no threat to anyone.  It just breaks my heart because they aren't vicious dogs and they have not hurt anyone.  They have passed all the behavior tests with flying colors.  They seem to be held on Breed factors alone. Also they aren't pitbulls they are actually Rottweilers. Thank you for commenting Terri.

Comment by Terri Pattio on July 27, 2017 at 5:25pm

Well I will say it like this, Ms. Miller may say they're harmless but the fact is they're pitbull dogs and to the majority of people they are considered vicious dogs. Another fact to consider, the dogs should have been on a leash. I doubt if they will be coming home to Ms. Miller, and I can understand what you're wanting to happen. I  hate to be the bearer of bad news because it's most like the courts will put the dogs to sleep. Keep me updated on what happens Michelle. Thank you for sharing your post in the SE community.

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