No, I am not retired and Why

No, I am not retired and Why

I am at that age and have the grey hair so I guess it is appropriate that people ask if I am retired. What I tell them is no and why I don't plan on retiring.

The reason that I won't be retiring any time soon is because I have found that which I am truly passionate about. I create websites, mobile websites, facebook fan pages and Universal Recommendation Pages. In other words, I am having fun creating sites and helping those that have websites get traffic, leads and sales from those websites. I don't want to retire and neither do my clients want me to retire!

It took me getting laid off in 2004 to find out what I truly enjoyed doing.  As I mentioned above I love to create websites, mobile sites, facebook fan pages and Universal Recommendation Pages. The reason for the latter is that even though having you own website is necessary, you still have to work on getting your site noticed, listed and ranked in the search engines and that is just for maybe 2 or 3 keywords. Many clients that I work with do not have that time. 

Another thing that I found out by being in Network Marketing is that the website that the company provides you is the exact same one that they provide me with. So, with everyone using the same website, it is impossible for any of us to get those websites ranked. In fact the search engines ignore the replicated websites and will not rank them. 

I then ask myself what I could do to get some use out of that type of website. Now my background is technical and I have always been a self learner so I started searching for something that would help get targeted traffic to the any website.

That search took a while but I finally found a program/system where I can create anywhere from 500 pages, 1000 pages, 2000 pages or more in a month and over time Google would index them. They also gain in rank over time. 

Being as I can create any number of pages, Google begins to see the sites as authority sites which give the pages that extra boost. Now all of the pages have an image and a link right below it that are linked to the website that I or you choose. That is why we call the pages Universal Recommendation Pages. 

The power comes into play because we use between 50-100 keywords within the system. Normal Search Engine Optimization can rank for maybe 2-3 keywords and our pages can get rank for many keywords. 

Another option for us is that we can tie the keywords to a specific geo targeted area by using city/state combinations. If you only want to target a city and the surrounding area we can do that for you. 

Going back to networking, you can help your group by giving us the URL's of the people whom you want to help. This means that the links you provide will be rotated throughout the pages that you purchases.

The pages that are created are completely whitehat and that is the reason they get indexed and then start ranking. One thing we have no control is how quickly the pages get indexed. That is totally up to Google and we have to be patient. Once they do start to get indexed you can start to get traffic soon after as each page gains in ranking. 

The program that I use took me a while to learn, but if you are willing to learn it for yourself or have someone in your business learn it, contact me and I can give you more Information about it. 

On the other hand if just want to get some pages working for you now, then you can go and you will find more information about the system and 3 packages to choose from depending upon your budget and your goals. I can do more pages than listed in the packages, but we would need to talk about that. 

I trust that this short PR has been helpful and I look forward to creating pages for your business and website.

Richard Mathiason

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