One Divine Presence

The Daily Meditation 1.15.2014

One Divine Presence

Linda Martin, RScP

I recognize there is one Life, one Source, one Divine Presence…in, through and is  All. I call this Life many things. I call this Life God, Good. I recognize Life as the Source of all beingness.
This Life is everything that is seen, everything that is not seen and is  popping into form as I write. It is first cause, Absolute, Reality, Truth…the essence of all things  known and unknown…ignited by thought and feeling. Life pulsates through all people, places and things, in every blade of grass ,in a kitty’s meow.. Peace, beauty, miracles, blessings are the language of Spirit.. 
I identify myself with this mystery as I have come from this place of perfection as have others  reading these words.. I affirm and declare lives of beauty, peace, abundance, prosperity, excellent radiant health and the best of  everything flowing into our lives each and every day. Nothing blocks our way for good to enter our lives.. We are free from negative thought patterns and beliefs. We stand in our personal power which is  the Power of Spirit directing us and guiding us,. Good and more good flows into our lives from expected and unexpected sources. Our hearts are filled with joy and the anticipation of more good flowing into our lives. This is the truth of Spirit, the realization we live in a Universe that is filled with greatest that is beyond our understanding yet in our hearts we know. Having this awareness of Truth deep in our Souls we go about our days in joyous anticipation of the miracles and blessings that are our way of life living in the stream of perfection which is ongoing and endless for that is Spirit. We are in the flow  of Life…we are Life, miraculous, talented, gifted and are a blessing to all. We are the gift, the blessing…we are Spirit personified. Life is Great and so are our lives..
Knowing the Truth of our being, knowing we are Spirit personified, I am deeply and profoundly grateful and give thanks for this awareness.
I release my word into the Law  as it is blessed beyond my wildest dreams…and so It  is…

Linda Martin is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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