Online Marketers And Herons?

Online Marketers And Herons?

Get To Know Your Prospects First

Herons are beautiful creatures that will poise themselves along the river or flying just above the water skimming the water with it’s slow, deep wing beats.

Heron With Its Prey

Heron With Its Prey

You will often find it standing motionless searching for it’s prey and would often think it could be a statue.  But beware that heron will stand still scanning for a way to catch it’s prey.

Herons can move very slowly sometimes but when it sees a fish that it wants it will strike like lightening.

Now you are wondering why I am telling you all this but if you read the rest of this post you will see why I feel Herons can help in your online business !!

Herons have a specially shaped neck allowing them to curl their neck into an S shape which gives them an aerodynamic flight profile which means they can strike on their prey at a distance.  They have a fringed claw on their middle toes which they can comb their chest feathers which comes out like ‘down’ and they then apply this to the under part of their body which protects them from any slime or oil they might come across in rivers or swamps.  These feathers continually grow and fall out.

One feature of the heron is that it only weights between five and six pound and that is due to the fact that they have hollow bones, the same as other species of birds.  They have photo-receptors in their eyes which gives them great night vision so that they can pounce on their prey day or night.


The fish farmers have problems with these herons as they will all congregate around a fish hatchery and if there were any sick fish in the water they would swim near the top of the water making them very vulnerable for the heron.

Herons will eat anything from fish, reptiles, insects and other birds.  When they see a fish they will use their long bill like a spear to catch it and then shake it about to break the sharp spines on the fish before gulping it down.

Seagulls are a good target for herons and they have also been known to attack humans.

But do not be fooled if you live in an area where you see herons, as apparently they can’t tolerate another live heron BUT they will ‘fall in love’ with a heron statue !!  There are several ways you can protect your fish pond.  Firstly you can cover in a net or you could build like a patio cover over the top.  You could also put cave models and fish tunnels in your pond where they can hide – or if you have a rottweiler – or actually any dog this would also deter the herons.  If you have a larger pond you can also buy a crocodile or alligator statue which also appears to keep the herons at bay.

Now to get to the point………  Don’t be like a heron and just swoop on your prospects, get to know them first by using the K.L.T. factor and find out what it is they need to progress in theironline business and once they have gained your trust then slowly introduce your opportunity, but on the other hand BE like a heron by never giving up !!

Never Give Up

Never Give Up


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  • Thank you Angela, good to know you learnt something today about herons !

  • Great post Merle. I learned some new things today.  Never even heard of a heron. Relationship building is a must in business building and people don't want to feel like preys for us to ponce on.  You delivered some very important tips here.  Thanks for teaching me about herons.  An awesome evening to you.  Liked and Shared.

  • Thank you Terri and Sandra, appreciate your comments.

  • Great post, Merle. Yes, we must build relationships.   Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Top Member

    Merle I love the way you presented this today with the information about the heron and how you related to doing business online and offline. When all is said and done, it is about the relationships you have with people. When they know, like and trust you, and they ask you about your business. This is the time to share it with them. Remember you must listen more than talking, or you might lose them by talking to much. I tweeted and shared your post on G+.

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