Hello Everyone,

I'ts been awhile since I've made a post here on Syndication Express, as I've been extremely busy with my offline activities, and for that my online posting has taken a hit.

For this I apologize.

I've got something important I'd like to share with you, and after reading Terri's post about companies usually not lasting two years, this one has made a milestone. They've actually achieved the Red Herring Award, which only certain fortune 500 companies are privileged to earn. The company's name is Solavei, and tomorrow is the last day of their two year anniversary special event. First of October brings a whole new business plan, which is worth taking a look at if you haven't already done so. Below is a brief summery of what is taking place only today and tomorrow.


New members who enroll by September 30 (tomorrow!) can get their first month of Solavei Mobile Service for just $19*! (Regularly $39*/month). Or they can take $20 off their first month of mobile service for any other rate plan. Plus, enroll 6 new members before 11:59 PM tomorrow, 9/30, and your Brand Partner enrollment fee is waived ($298 value). Here's what else you get: Unlimited Talk, Text & Data starting at 39/Month, Unlimited Talk & Text for 29/Month, No Contracts, No Credit Checks, No Activation Fees, Free phones while supplies last, Change phones when you want, Freedom of Choice... what more could you want in a service. Not only this, but Solavei has a pay plan too. They are also giving a Fast Start Action Bonus of 50 bucks to anyone who gets a trio in their first 30 days of their service, and anyone who achieves Executive Level will bring in 20,000/Month as well as get a brand spanking new Mercedes Benz.

*See Solavei.com for more information.



“My wife and I used to pay over $350/month for 3 lines in our house. But I loved Solavei Mobile Service so much I shared with others and we are now saving $2,400/year for our two lines!” - Ray Williams

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I have been a customer of Solavei since they first opened their doors, but have not really taken advantage of their free phone service, as I did not think the company would last, but they have, and they are doing very well. May I recommend seriously taking another look at Solavei if you haven't done so? I'd be honored to have you in my downline, and I'll do what ever necessary to make it a successful journey for you.

Take Care,


PS: I almost forgot... they are having a 50% off special on all their Solavei Gear Store through tomorrow also.

PPS: There will be a "It's Happening Webcast" tomorrow evening September 30th with CEO Ryan Wuerch at 5pm Pacific, he will be making a big announcement you won't want to miss. Here's the link:itshappeningwebcast.solavei.com

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  • Thanks for sharing James.
  • I wish you continued success with your business, James.

  • Thank you for sharing James. have a wonderful week.

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    James this sounds like a great deal and I will get in touch with you. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

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