Finding success on YouTube is all about understanding the simple dynamics and applying them the right way; even if you’re new to YouTube, you will be able to generate good interest from your viewers if you’re focused on taking care of the basics. Here are a few simple to apply yet effective points that will help you create a better experience on YouTube for your viewers and improve your chances of success.

It is possible to find willing business owners at YouTube who will want to work with you in the video creation area. Both of you can get more exposure because the video can be placed in their and your channels. Much depends on the niche of the other person, but ideally it may be the same. Joint ventures have always been successfully used by Internet marketers, so not do the same on YouTube? Sure, it is great to do this with someone who has a huge subscriber base – but then ask them why would they want to do it with you? Heard of video commission formula? This course will teach you how to market on Youtube with videos from scratch. Be sure to watch some video commission formula review videos to see whether this course is something you are after. The only one thing that could be a real stickler with this is if you have few videos in your channel and very few subscribers. So remember that you need to take as many chances as you can get to build your channel up and get noticed.

If you ever see something just beginning to trend in the news, and it is relevant to your niche, then jump on it and get your video together. You can still do this even if you are not the first in your market to do it. It is always a smart idea to keep things interesting, and that helps to prevent the channel from getting boring. This is how you can get noticed in your market; bringing timely information to them in a great video. When you make these videos, be sure to make them know where your site is.

Always treat your YouTube audience with respect because that will go a long way with them. You can place little notes at the end of your videos that are expressions of gratitude for their time. This is basic and essential relationship building stuff, but it is what you have to do all the time. Just keep in mind that you are working on good relationships with your viewers.

You have a very good idea at this point about what you should be doing at YouTube

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  • Hi Christene Smith Forsythe, There is a  link to Pure Leverage because they provide a Video email service among their arsenal of Marketing tools, so you have many options, such as youtubing your Video for all to see, or just emailing your Video to a selected audience, Many people including myself feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, so I make Videos on a regular basis until I am satisfied with the message I want the Video to provide, (as they say practice makes perfect) I hope this helps Christine.

  • Great advice Christopher, I am still thinking about a youtube video, I will have to work myself up to that. Sharing this for you. BTW, I see this is going to pure leverage. What is this all all about.

  • Really great and interesting content, I really need to learn more about using you tube
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    It's great to see you Merle. Make it a great day.

  • Excellent advice Terri, thanks for sharing with us.

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    Excellent information Christopher. Youtube is very powerful since it is owned by Google. Videos is the way to go for getting traffic and exposure. Your post has been shared for more to see.

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