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What Is Pinterest?


3818727711?profile=originalWe are now living in a modern world and we are now making use of computers, internet and social media for our own advantage.

Before anything else, it would be better if we could get to know one social media application at the base level. It will provide us with all the necessary background that will help us as we go further. Pinterest is actually one social media that allows you to express your thoughts and desires through pictures and images.

 It’s essentially an image sharing platform where members 'pin' images to their own 'pin board'.

 This can be anything you want - it can be random things that you just have an interest in and want to share or it can be multiple images relating to a passion you have.


For example you could have a passion for 1960s British roadsters, old company logo's, classic men’s watches or even a holiday home you really need to hire out.


As a member you are able to browse subjects and if you discover a board that you're interested in you then 'follow' it in the same way you do on Twitter or Facebook and you will be notified whenever any new photos are uploaded to the board. You can also leave comments and join in discussions on each of the images that appear on the site.


If you run a business which is selling or producing items that can produce good images such as clothes, photography, accommodation, artwork, this looks like it's a terrific opportunity to create some boards to advertise your services because your photos are able to have links back to your own websites product pages.


The most beneficial long-term approach from a sales perspective would be to be a part of the community spirit for a little while prior to 'hard-selling' your products, for example 'pin' some non-business pictures and then over time add your items.


If we take the holiday cottage letting example I mentioned earlier, it might be somebody owns a cottage they want to let in Wales for the eight or nine months of the year it’s not being used by them. They have a problem on Google because the first 4 or 5 pages of results are dominated by the large letting agents & so they get a board on Pinterest and fill it with pictures of the cottage itself. They also upload images of the surrounding country side; local places of interest and then wait for other Pinterest subscribers to come across the board follow them and, ultimately, rent the cottage.


Much like Facebook & Twitter before them though if they keep going at this pace of growth it’s only a matter time before everyone’s talking about Pinterest.


You would probably ask yourself whether we have time to log onto another social media site but this one’s definitely different & it’s very simple to use so it may possibly fill a gap we weren’t aware we had. From a business perspective it’s another no-brainer - if you have a service which will potentially benefit from a lot of visitors seeing images of what you are selling you need to be on Pinterest.


I'd love to know your thoughts about using Pinterest - please leave me your Pinterest URL below so that I may follow you there!

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