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Plexus Slim Testimonies To Share With You

Suzanne's testimony ~ Finally put it together & ready to share! This is my very own "Before" & "During" Plexus photo and I think it says a lot! I know I still have more weight & inches to lose but I am very happy with what I have achieved this far! I  have lost 37 lbs, countless inches, no longer take prescription medication for the following: fibromyalgia, arthritis, high  blood pressure or acid reflux! Did Plexus "cure" me? Absolutely NOT but it has allowed me to feel better than I have in  many years, get off of my prescription meds (with my doctor's approval), my blood work was simply fantastic this year & I  am currently living about 95% pain free (& for those days not so pain free - I have the Fast Relief products by Plexus)! I  thank God every day for bringing Plexus into my life!  

Rachael's testimony ~ I started taking Plexus products in July 2013 and absolutely loved the products so I joined Plexus  the following month. Going from a size 18 pants and XXL tops with just having lab work done to diagnose PCOS, to now  wearing size 10-12 pants and L tops and having your Dr. looking at you like you have two heads when you walk through the door... All priceless!!! I've lost over 40 lbs and 32 inches total and I feel amazing! The health benefits I get to share with the world, as well as the Plexus "family" I've gained are all true blessings and I'm so glad I embraced this  opportunity!!   Lisa's testimony- For all you nursing mothers out there, my daughter went to her son's peditration today and was told she  could take the fast relief capsules while nursing. He said there was nothing in them to cause harm while breast feeding!!  The more I'm learning about the Plexus products the more I love them!  

Stacie's testimony- My husband came back from working in Detroit bigger than he left Louisiana. The kids and I were totally surprised by the amount of weight he had gained. Well, since he started Plexus, the last week in February, his has lost 42  lbs. and his cholesterol dropped by 55 points. He has been off of his cholesterol medicine since he started taking Plexus.  He also has decreased the amount of anti-inflammatories he was taking down to one, and he no longer takes 3 Benadryls to  go to sleep at night. He is still on his journey, but thank you Lord for the success of being on Plexus.  

My point in showing you all these testimonies is to give you proof that Plexus Slim can help you with your health issues. Plexus Slim has so much to offer everyone. If you take the chance and do what is best for your health you will see that it can help you as well. stop using money as an excuse to not order. If you think about how much you spend on junk that is not  healthy for you, you can make a change and take better care of your body. Why wait when you can get your health back now?   People leave their jobs to do this fulltime. Wouldn't you like to have that chance as well?

If you have any questions contact me anytime.

 Thank you for reading, God Bless       


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