Plexus Testimony On Dementia

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I love to see more stories about how well plexus helps everyone. So when I heard how  well it can also help Dementia I wanted to share this good news.

A friend of mine has a grandmother that has this sickness and it's sad to see anyone sick so I wanted to share this with you all.  


PLEXUS PAIN RELIEF! My mother Kathrine Timmons is 82 years old

has Dementia and lives with pain daily from her knee that her doctor

say's is bone on bone and must have an injection every three months in her knee becasue of concern that if mother is put to sleep  for another surgery that she will have more memory lost. My sister Darlene Miller tends to our mother and only when she is having unbearable pain will she give mother her pain medication but must be careful not to give too much for the same concern that it may affect more memory lost. About8 yrs ago my mother had a shoulder replacement without any problems until 3 weeks ago or the later part of Jan. 2013, Darlene told me that mother is having a horible time moving her arm in any direction that she was having shoting pains in her shoulder and arm and didn't  know what to do. I told her that i had something that i believe would help our mother and that i was on my way there.My sister applied the Fast Relieve cream on  mother's shoulder and arm and also started giving mother the pain relief capsules 2 a  day, and within an hour or so mother's pain was gone and resting well, that is the last time our mother has had pain and medication for her pain. 

On Feb. 2, 2013 one week from mother starting the Pain Relief capsules , my sister  called and told me " you know how we count to mom and she just say's ok for every number 1 to 5 ", well i brought mom to the store with me and when the cashier counted my change to me i was picking with mother as i always do and said 1, and she
 said "mom just picked up from 1 and counted all the way to 10 and when she looked into my eyes ,she then began to cry with a worried look on her face.

Later that evening i was reading an article on the internet that a neurologist wrote about dementia and through his studies that he found that memory lost could be reversed and the main reason for the memory lose is from inflammation in and around the  brain. I called my sister and ask if she changed anything with mother and she said no just the Pain Relief capsules and the cream.

 I attended training 3 days later and told everyone there about my mother's testimony  and heard other testimonies about how the Fast Relief and that was safe for my mother to take up to 8 a day and Darlene said that she didn't want to give mother  anymore than the 2 a day , i ask if she would start mother on the biocleanse that it
 will help in oxygenating her system and Darlene agreed to give her 1 a day for the fact that she takes so many pills in a day already.

Last week Darlene told me that she went in mother's room to change her pull up and mother said "I was just about to go to bed" meaning go to sleep, but our mother stop talking in sentences a  few years ago and we both were amazed by that statement. I asked Darlene if
 she would add one more pain relief to give mother and she said NO because she is pain free , to me that is so very awesome and to our family her being pain free is what  matters the most . Mother is now much more calmer,smiling and enjoys sitting in the living room , visiting and watching television.
Thank you all for reading, God Bless           


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