Position Yourself For Success

Position Yourself For Success
Position Yourself For Success

Exactly How Do I Position Myself?

“Exactly how do I position myself so I can be
found by those looking for what I have to
The Answer:
The answer is surprisingly simple. You first
decide HOW you want to Position your business,
then you pick a marketing plan that fits the
way you want to do things. For me it was
recruiting without wasting time calling
Then you learn your craft. In learning your
craft you’ll soon discover your biggest
questions and hurdles are the same that your
prospects will be. You position yourself by
offering your solutions, after you’ve solved
them for yourself, to those who will come
after you.
Positioning Yourself for Success
About a year or so ago, in preparation for this transition, I began to  Position myself professionally online. I’ve had two goals in mind for this transition: became a writer and blogger, and help individuals and businesses build their online platform.
In order to do that, I had to position myself for success; namely, build a side business enough for sustainability, and then transition.
Find people doing what you want to do, connect with them, and learn and position yourself.
If the nature of your business is a competitive one geographically, find somebody far away in a different state doing what you want to do, and ask for help. If you are from Tennessee and want to open a pet store, perhaps call a pet store in Montana to get advice. They will be more apt to help you because you probably won’t steal any of their business.
To see exactly how I did this
when I had no credibility and no name, and
from that you’ll be able to model the process
for your unique position in the market…

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Position Your Business With Tools Provided By U.O.I.S
Position Your Business With Tools Provided By U.O.I.S.
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  • I agree with Terri.  Success does not just happen.  It is made to happen through preparation and consistent hard work.  The more you do something the easier it becomes.

  • Thanks for sharing this great article, Timothy.

  • Great article Timothy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Merle and Terri!

  • Excellent read Timothy and so true what you say.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Top Member

    You are exactly right Timothy, by positioning yourself for success and getting skills and education first you will be successful. Happy to share your post.

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