Power Thoughts

Power Thoughts bring with them Result!

Have you ever considered how powerful your thoughts really are?

Power Thoughts

Are you truly aware of the fact that thoughts, all 50,000 you may encounter per day, are singularly the most powerful influences on everything that happens to you in your life, and are the very reason  that you have attracted the people you know, the house you live in and the car you drive?

It is the sum total of everyone’s thoughts which is the very thing that shapes everything that exists, as well as,  everything that has existed, and everything that will ever exist.

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So ask yourself:  ”If this is true then shouldn't it be possible to bring into existence anything we desire?”

The simple answer to this question  is YES!  It is Power Thoughts!  The Power of Thoughts!

It is known that through the power of deliberate thought that we are able to create. Thoughts are substance and substance becomes things. While thought alone does have the power to bring tangible things such as, (cars, houses, boats) and intangible things, such as (peace, harmony and joy) into existence; often times this is just not enough!

Through intention thinking, or directed thinking and believing, it is enough to create powerful thoughts which will manifest anything we want, yet, there is still two other ingredients needed.

1.  Your thoughts must be backed by emotion.

Power Thoughts

The more powerful your emotion – the stronger the thought.  It is essential to create within you the same feelings or passion that you will have when you actually achieve your desire. You must be able to see it, feel it and touch it by using all your senses.  Even the sense of smell.

You actually do this all the time; however, it’s usually in the opposite direction.

For example:  When you think of something that you don’t desire and are afraid that it may happen, then all of a sudden you feel frightened, tense and may even start to exhibit some physiological symptoms such as sweating or shaking or just get the shivers.  Anxiety attack.

Therefore, instead of letting the fear take over, begin to reverse this method of thinking what you actually desire. Think only of what you do want and conjure up the feelings of passion and desire associated with that. How will it feel to meet and marry that perfect person?  How will it feel when you meet your next 90 day goal?  How will it feel behind the wheel of that new Mercedes or in the kitchen of that new home?

2.  Take Action.

Be assured that it will be necessary to be prepared to take some massive action. This is a key point that many personal development gurus leave out! The action that you need to take will not be strenuous or a toil, it will be enjoyable and feel right to you, as long as it is something you delight in with desire, passion and expectation.

Each of us has own special role in the complete operation of the Universe. We are all One, interconnected and interdependent. Your desires will usually come through some form of Power Thoughts along with “Massive Action” and  connection to other people.

But keep in mind that you MUST know “WHY” you want this.  Why is it important to you? Are you willing to do whatever is necessary to accomplish this goal or task?  Clear Vision is a necessity.  No Vision, No Direction, No accomplishment.  Your desire was not high enough.  Go back to the beginning.

Realize that your thoughts have the power to completely change your life and circumstances.  It is because when thoughts are backed by emotion, passion and desire they become an unstoppable force which will carry you to wherever you want to go in life. However,  you must be willing to take the steps towards your desires when these steps are presented to you.

Example:  If you’re believing and thinking about the perfect soul mate while you are sitting at home watching the TV.  Forget it!  Ten to One you will never meet him or her if you sit at home all day and do not venture outside! There is an Action that you must take.  You must go places where people are.

By doing this you may actually find that you begin to get asked to go to places more often or get invited to a place you have never been before. You may even accidentally meet old friends or develop new friendships. This will be the Universe setting you on a path to your desires. Take that invitation. Even if it is something you have no desire to do or somewhere you do not want to go, you should accept the invitation. Who knows who you may meet or where you may end up!

Keep in mind “Power Thoughts.”  Thoughts have power and these thoughts backed up by strong emotion, extreme desire, enriched passion and Belief, along with Massive Action will change the Universe and create ANYTHING you want if you truly have the Faith (Belief).

Live your dreams…..Think “Power Thoughts.”

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be.”–James Allen

“A person is limited only by the thoughts that he chooses.” –James Allen

“The body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the operations of the mind, whether they be deliberately chosen or automatically expressed.”–James Allen

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  • Very interesting read Angela.  Thanks for sharing and have shared for you.

  • Very positive this is great article Angela. Thank you for sharing.

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    Positive Power thoughts is absolutely key with strong faith, belief and desire. As you said personal development is a must because you are becoming a new person. Taking action is key and critical. I really enjoyed reading your post Angela. I have shared it on Linkedin, Google + and tweeted for many more to see. Keep up the great writing dear.

  • Thanks for your comment Rieke.  Hope you're having a great weekend.

  • Wonderful and so true. Great reading on Power Thoughts. Thank you Angela for sharing this here.

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