Pranking Co-Workers

Prank co-workers

Yrs ago I was working for a printing company in san diego, ca. I worked on stitcher machines-making books.

The operator mostly took care of the machine but I loaded the papers on the machine and we both setup pallets.

The operator had a set time on the machine for it to run but when I got bored I would make it go faster. 

On our breaks I would go and speed up the other machines of the other co-workers to get them to work faster. HAHA

They never knew it was me that speed up the machine every break we had. Some days I would only do it alittle but never

in a disrespectful way. We all messed with each other in differnt aways. I worked with mexicans mostly so they try to
say things for me to tell the other guys in spanish and I would turn it around on them
and say hey he said this about  you in spanish. We had fun just joking around alot. We
made books for college shedules, horse racing,and books for dvd and remote controls
instructions. I went with the guys to deliver the books for horse racing. First time I ever
been there and I met someone who's relative is famous but I don't want to disrespect anyone by giving out their names. I like to meet others, I find it exciting. In some ways
you can say you can learn more things that way  for your business ideas.
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God Bless 
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  • Yes I did thank you Merle, it's was harmless but we all did things to each other to have fun. Glad you liked it, have a bless week

  • love your story about your co-workers DeAnn and sounds like you had a good laugh with them.  Thanks for sharing and I wish you all the best.

  • Top Member

    Belief, faith and a burning desire to succeed in your business. You are a winner DeAnn and I enjoyed reading your testimony about how you started your business. You wanted it and did it for you. I have shared on Facebook and Twitter.

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