Pranking Family At The Cemetery

Sharing a funny story:

In 08 I moved to Oklahoma to be with my father and three weeks later he had passed away. He didn't want to tell his kids he was sick so it was a shock when I saw how badhe was. My cousin that lives out here has 6 kids. The 4 younger kids and I are very close.

They always tell me they wish they can live with me. I used to take them to the cemetery to visit my dad several times. One evening it was starting to get dark and the cops in town lock it up. So I told the kids we better get going once it gets dark all the dead start walking around.

I said you know if my dad was alive he would say whatever  to the kids I was telling them the things he would always say. There was a dog walking around and would not look at us, would not come to us calling out to the dog and it never did bark. So I told them look see there is a pet cemetery because dogs are barking and this dog is not coming to us when we call it or bark so it's dead.

One of the girls started crying and got in the car telling me she wants to go home. When I did take them home they told their parents I talk to dead people. haha 

Here are some Plexus Testimonies-

Starr's testimony- Today is 2 months that I've been on Plexus products
and I am ECSTATIC!! I started on them because I had heard they could
help me with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Naturally, I was highly skeptical, but after researching for several weeks, I decided it couldn't hurt! I take the Plexus slim/accelerator, the Biocleanse, Probio5, XFactor vitamin
and all the Fast Relief products.
Most people don't understand about RA.
Firstly, it is an insidious autoimmune disease that is characterized by
debilitating  chronic fatigue and pain from inflamed joints.
Everyday is a struggle to get through!
Sometimes it "flares" and you just want to die!

Secondly, there is no cure and really no acceptable treatment.
The doctors fill you up with steroids, poisonous chemo drugs,
and narcotic pain killers. You become depressed because you
really have no quality of life and the future looks bleak, so they
put you on something for that, too! Then you've gained weight
due to the steroids and lack of activity. To me, being diagnosed
with RA was a HORRIBLE, long term death sentence! 
So do you blame me, for taking a chance on PLEXUS?
Best decision I ever made! IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!
The first day I took it, I KNEW! I had more energy than I'd
had in a long time, my pain level was drastically reduced,
and I SLEPT all  night! 

That was HUGE for me, pain and stiffness would usually
wake me up 3-4 times a night. So here I am, 2 months later!

I feel FANTASTIC!! Am I cured? Unfortunately not.
But PLEXUS has given me parts of my life back, that I never
thought I'd see again. I have energy, I don't take narcotic
pain medicine anymore, I am down to 1 medicine for RA,
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