Prayer of Healing

The Daily Meditation 2.14.2014

“Prayer of Healing”

Ardy Reed, RScP


There is an abundance and relaxation in love freely flowing from the One Life, One Love, One Almighty Being of the Universe. It is the Perfect Mystery that Abundantly Unfolds within Every Being. 
I am one with this amazing presence knowing the mystery of this abundant force is filled with love, relaxation, and perfection.  And just as I know this is true for me, I also know it is true for Everyone.
In realizing this truth, I know and see Everyone expressing this mystery filled with the knowingness that love flows through them, as them, and in them. The mystery is filled with the relaxation backed by the conviction of this truth and this universal source of love pours into each and every moment abundantly!  All who encounter other people can’t help but see it, affirm it, and know it!
I give great thanks for Everyone’s presence, power, love, and expression of love in everything they do!  I am so grateful for all the lives they are touching right now!
I release my word knowing that law is the perfect partner to my word and anchor it as I proclaim it now! It is done and it is here now. And so it is!

Ardy Reed is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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