'Pressing' Problem's? Here's how I 'Iron' them out!!

'Pressing' Problem's? Here's how I 'Iron' them out!!

Looking at the world today I cannot but see problems. People problems, Personal Problems, financial problems,Emotional,Medical,Educational..Problems everywhere in everything! Yet for some reason I dont feel threatened, there is a calmness, a quietude. I dont' feel bogged down. I was thinking about this seriously this morning and wondered if I was somehow 'different'. Here's what I 'saw' and 'understood'

Over the past few years, I stopped calling problems a problem, I renamed a problem as a 'situation'. I considered 'circumstance' but that did'nt suit my way of thinking, I reasoned that 'circumstance' would mean 'circumference' in which I 'stand'. Situation was just right.

Now the logical mind, which normally lives and reasons in labels, does'nt avoid 'looking' into the 'situation'. I had observed as soon as I used the word 'problem' my mind registered it as something negative and did'nt want to look at it. But when I addressed the situation my whole attitude changed. The fear, anxiety and worry that are attached to the word problem, were no longer there and so the brain did'nt enter into a deadlock!.

Simple things, a leaky fawcet, light bulb fused,geyser not working, an unironed dress all of these day-to-day incidents can be stressful when looked at as problems. Now can life stop being a 'hurdles' race, YES it can, if only we could rename a problem as a situation or better still a challenging situation. This activates that unconcious part of the brain which we normally dont' use. Unless we are pushed to the wall, or encounter difficulties. We do not tap into our inherent resources, and the brain gets trapped into thinking on the same old lines and it would appear to be incapable of breaking free.

What we need is a 'pause' button on the 'logical' mind and to allow the deeper unconcious mind to come up with answers. It is very exciting to deliberately engage this creative energy in the problem-solving process. Maybe the situation may not change, but your attitude towards it will change. and the changed attitude will open up to a newer look into  the situation.   

Here's what a great thinker has to say:"Look at the question deeply, and if the look is clear and total, the question disappears. No question is ever answered, it simply disappears without a trace. All that you have to do is to put the analytical mind away. When the unconcious finds a solution there is a leap of understanding which seems to come out-of-the-blue."

The mystery of life is such that the answer lies within the question.

When life is like a whirlpool and your dumped in, the more you fight the current the more you drown. But when you let go,with the swirl and spin, the current itself will throw you to the surface.

Curiously the word 'problem' does'nt seem to find mention in the Bible. In my search I found the phrase "Do not be afraid" to appear (not surprisingly) 365 times, once for each day of the year!! 

Whats you 'situation' today?

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