Program Your Subconscious Mind For The Better

Program Your Subconscious

Program Your Subconscious


Program Your Subconscious To Achieve Your Desires


My business partner Mike was at a conference with is handy “Prosperity Journal” and he wrote down a KILLER nugget that will help you program your subconscious for the better!



Listen to this gold nugget to program your subconscious right here now…




How I Have Program My Subconscious Mind


A few years ago I was on a big trip to lose weight,I was always tired.

So tired I did not even have the strength to do things I wanted.

Have you been there,I know many have.



So I started experimenting with healthy foods and pretty much winged myself off soda and sweet tea.


I started jumping on the trampoline 100 times,that’s 100 jumps per day…


To the point where my legs were like jelly when I was done.


Beyond that I started riding a bike 3 to 5 miles per day,I really enjoyed the bike riding,it gives you the chance to relax and enjoy the scenery.


I lost a vast amount of weight in a short time to the point where people and friends would ask,are you sick?




Then there were those who were curious what I was doing…


The truth is I did not really work that hard at it,it just seemed to happen.


I would tell people for the most part,I believed it was my frame of mind..


I had learn to program my subconscious mind to lose the weight.


You see when you focus on a specific goal and you are determined to achieve that goal you program your subconscious mind to make that goal a reality.


Do you have that kind of focus in your business?


I challenge you to release the Prosperity in your business…


Release the prosperity into your subconscious to create massive results in your business.


Imagine if you could program your subconscious to bring you an abundance of wealth in any area of your life.


I’m here to tell you that it can and will happen if your willing.


So go to work on your subconscious starting right now.


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Create Your New Tomorrow Starting Today!


Timothy Eller



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