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Proof The 3 C's WORK!


Hi All!  I am George Pierce.  This post is about The 3 C's, Commitment, Consistency, and Common Sense, and how they can help you to make money online.   Whatever online adventure you choose,  you want to back your choice up with commitment and add two more success ingredients. Consistency and Common Sense.  It does not take a genius to succeed at making money online, but it does take common sense and anyone willing to stick with it, has no choice but success.

Most, if not all, make-money-online opportunities are about creating content that your audience is interested in.  You post that content on the Internet which can be in textual, audio, and/or video format.  You monetize your content by getting readers and viewers to join your list, join your channel, become a member, click on ads or banners, go to your affiliates, buy your products, and so on.  The process is simple.


Results do not usually happen overnight.

The following example is what I call a "sleeper".


I share this because this video took almost 8 months to get found.  The views that you see are all organic, all free.  I would like to say that I recently did something to bring this video to life...I did not. 

My point is that you may choose to embark on one of the best opportunities of your life (Making Money Online), but your expectations, which may have been misled, might be more like 8 hours or 8 days or 8 weeks rather than 8 months.  

An MMO venture can be life-changing, but you need to think in terms of months or years.  That means you will need the 3 C's.




What happens when you incorporate the 3 C's is that your efforts accumulate and eventually snowball!  

When you first get started, not everything will go your way.  If your initial results were like mine, it will seem as if very little is going your way. Stay committed!  What they do not tell us is that there is a learning curve.  You will be learning all kinds of wonderful things, but it will take time for all that knowledge to begin to work, so give yourself time. 


Above is a counter from a single website page from a free website.   The page is about 2 years old...and the counter is only five digits.  It is like an old speedometer, that goes back to zero, each time it hits 100K.  All the traffic is free, and the actual count is 100,127.  

The bottom line is that the 3 C's work, and I am sure they can help you get results beyond what you imagined.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  I am inviting you to visit my YT channel for more free make-money online training.


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    I"ve learned this lesson George.  This is the type of advice people need to hear.  You're right there is a learning curve, some people can master it faster than others.  But everyone who is successful had to go through the same thing.  Unfortunately not many people are as forthcoming as you, about what it takes.  I know that what makes you successful because you tell people exactly what to expect.  You also share your success as well as the mistakes, and show us how you fixed them.  I still appreciate the humor.  It brings a smile and some bring a downright belly laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine.  

    • Top Video Contributor

      I believe that if we know what we are up against at the start, we have a better chance of finishing.  And we might as well have a good time along the way.  Thank you, Robin.   

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    I believe that thinking in terms of months and years is the kind of mindset that will help you the most.  That does not mean that immediate results are not going to happen, which is why I share the snapshot above. As you gain more and more knowledge and experience, more and more of your efforts will work, sometimes immediately. 

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