Reaching Out To Offer A Helping Hand!

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to help a friend who suffered from chronic migraines. This individual suffered for several years using OTC's (over the counter analgesics) and medications to treat the debilitating pain and symptoms associated with these headaches. As I logged onto my facebook page one morning , I noticed my friend's post and her attempt to what may have been her last resort for treating the pain; Botox! Yes botox for migraines! I have never heard of this.

I have always firmly believed in a natural approach to one's ailments and referred her to a product I had been taking for a while, called Laminine.  She took the offer to try the trial pack that the company offers and lo and behold her attacks had subsided within two weeks of taking this product. Within about one month , the attacks were gone.

Needless to say, my heart was filled with gratitude and joy to know that , I took a chance, by the simple act of offering to help someone with a whole food approach, not drugs or botox and not knowing what the outcome would be. I am so happy that I cared enough to reach out my hand!

Nature's Modern Miracle LAMININE

If you or someone you know suffers from these debilitating headaches please share this with them and reach your hand out to help them find relief and a chance to get their lives back.

Stay tuned to my next post: Migraines: Not Just Another Headache. You will learn how these attacks limit the lifestyle, including the individuals ability to work and interact with family and social life.

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  • This is so true Rieke, thank you for your comment and for the connection today!

  • Yes, it is wonderful to know to have something exceptional to help others. Sometimes it's sad to realize that people will not believe in your offer or - speaking with your words Deana - not grasp the helping hand.

  • Karen, I am so sorry for your loss. Thanks for you comment and I am praying for you to find some relief and comfort during this time.  I love sharing what has worked for others that I know. These are the things that work for me. Thank you Angela, Merle, and Stephen. Have a great weekend!

  • Great article Deana and what a blessing to be able to help a friend who needed help.  Liked and Shared.

  • Sounds interesting.  I also prefer to use natural remedies.  Have shared for you.

  • I also have a good friend who suffers from these debilitating migraines. Will be sharing this info with her. Thanks Deana!
  • I just lost a friends who was in her 20's 3 days ago to suicide as a result of Chronic Migraine headaches.I have suffered over 30 years and have yet to find the answer for me. And yes, I have also had Botox. I have recently been referred to Mayo Clinic and I'm on a waiting list for an appt. with a specialist there. I have never heard of Laminine, and will look into it. Thank you

  • Thank you for the kind comments. Peter, I am hoping that you are free from migraines forever. I would not want to have these headaches. I suffered from tension headaches for a long time.. these are uncomfortable as well. Diet changes and eliminating allergens in my food , going gluten free and the above mentioned product has helped me get rid of them completely.

  • As a former migraine sufferer I understand the desperation that these insidious headaches bring on. Congratulations on helping 

  • This is a wonderful story Deana ... so glad you were able to help this friend with migraines.

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