Recruiting is NOT Enough

Leader = somebody whom people follow; someone who guides or directs others.

A few days ago, a team member in my downline called me to tell me she had canceled. I’ll call her Jane. Jane then said she planned to re-join, but directly to me. Normally if a returning team member does not want to sign under their previous sponsor, I encourage them to re-sign with them anyway. I tell them that I will still work with them, and I’ll still get paid the same.

In this situation, I did not encourage Jane to re-join with her previous who I’ll call Susan. Susan is a couple levels below me. I did not recruit or train her. She explained to me that she had not heard from Susan even once since she joined our company. She had also tried contacted Susan herself, but was never able to reach her.

Although it has improved, network marketing still fights the long-held poor reputation to a degree. When Susan recruited and then abandoned Jane, she contributed to that poor reputation. I too joined a company several years ago and never had help from anyone to teach me the business. It is frustrating to say the least.

Jane did what she felt was best for her. She really wants to grow her business, building a team and selling our products. Without someone training her, however, she knew she could not do that. 

I really do not understand why network marketers bother recruiting anyone if they don’t really want an actual team. They can earn money just selling their product or service without recruiting if they don’t like training or helping team members.

Susan has been in network marketing for a long time. She knows the industry and what is required, and yet she recruited only a few people who quit soon after. Until now I did not realize why her team members quit so quickly.

In network marketing, team leaders must realize that they have to l-e-a-d! So, again I say, a leader is somebody whom people follow; someone who guides or directs others. Recruiting team members is not enough.
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  • Fantastic post Julie, I agree with you and Terri. My son and I were in a business together and the very same thing happened to us. Thank heavens for Jane you were open to helping her. Also again thank heavens Jane was coachable and teachable. Liked, tweeted and sharing on google+. Also thanks for sharing my post on Google+ I came across it late last night. Pretty Cool. Much Continued Success Always. Blessings to you lady!

  • You are so right Terri.  We can offer and provide training, but not all team members will accept the help.

  • Top Member

    I will add to this brilliant post Julie, that the team member must be coachable. This means that you can teach them all that you know but if they don't listen to you and proceed to go their own way it is not the leaders fault. YOU Must be an intelligent follower so that you can become a great leader. Sharing your post Julie. Have a great weekend.

  • A Leader Guides.  Excellent article Julie.  Thanks for sharing this story with us.  It will be beneficial to many for better understanding of Leadership.  Liked and Shared.

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